Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Charlie – or “Charlie Bear” as his family affectionately calls him – had a shaky month. Being a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, Charlie has had his fair share of experience with natural disasters, but unfortunately that wasn’t his last. Recently, a tornado passed through California in Hurricane Charlie’s vicinity. Charlie was anxious and afraid during the ordeal and his family believes this may have brought back some bad memories. His family consoled him to relieve his nerves and they are happy to report there was minimal damage. Now Charlie can get back to enjoying the calm of his afternoon walks, especially since spring weather is beginning in California!


Without a doubt Buttermilk loves being in a warm, cozy home. He has adjusted to his relaxing lifestyle now that he can explore outside of a cage and still has his best friend Annisette by his side at all times. Because he is on new medication, Buttermilk can sometimes become drowsy – but his adoptive parents have a large comfy bed for him to nap on when he wants to stretch out. Not to worry though, these cat naps do not overshadow Buttermilk’s sweet character. His personality has blossomed since being in his new home and we can’t wait to see our cheerful Buttermilk for his first check-up soon.