We are happy to report that Katie has been doing fine and seems to be feeling well. She actually doesn’t mind getting a bath from her foster mother anymore. She has learned over time to handle it without too much whimpering. The end result of feeling nice and clean must overcompensate for the actual bath, so she’s learned to put up with it. She is such a trooper!


Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Charlie has been soaking in the sunshine during the past month. He gets to bask away in the rays during walks with his family. Not only does he get the chance to stretch his limbs, he’s also given the opportunity to go for a dip! That’s because there is a canal by his house that he loves to walk along. During a recent walk with his family, he became excited about the crisp water and tried to jump in for a swim. His family coaxed him out before he got too wet, but they weren’t able to avoid getting a little wet themselves. Hurricane Charlie shook off his golden locks after emerging and gave his family a little shower.


Penny is still catching her breath from blowing out the candles atop her birthday cake. As a resident cat of the Animal League, the staff here make sure to provide her with the much deserved celebration for her birthday that any family would provide their precious pet. But her party was just the beginning of another great year for Penny. That’s because an adopter came to the Animal League after hearing about the celebration for Penny. He fell in love with this sweet feline and brought her to her forever home! We’re sure there isn’t a better present that Penny could have thought of for her birthday.



Charlotte recently came to the Animal League’s medical center for an abdominal sonogram, but it did not produce the results League veterinarians were looking for so further testing may be a possibility down the road. Making sure that Charlotte’s every medical need is taken care of is a top priority to the League. We will do all that we can, with the help of generous Sponsors like you, to give Charlotte anything that will help her be as comfortable and happy as possible.


Toby’s foster mom will be graduating from school soon and that means that Toby will be spending more time with his foster mom’s family. That’s going to work well for Toby since that means he’ll be playing outside a lot more with their family dog, Ellie. They now get along very well with each other. Toby’s health is under control and he seems to be getting stronger from his outdoor play. His foster mom reports that his temperament has improved as well. She describes Toby as a happy little guy that she loves to have around!



Lucky was scheduled at the Animal League’s Medical Center for the last removal of the stage II cancer cells in his hind legs, however, after much discussion, it was felt that the biopsy would not be too helpful and doctors were worried about not being able to stop the bleeding. Since Lucky seems to be feeling great and remains playful, it was decided to wait on the biopsy. A nail clipping was not negotiable as Lucky was slipping and sliding all over the laminate flooring at home. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on Lucky’s condition.



Ellie continues to be quite a little spitfire. She exudes energy and needs a lot of exercise in the yard. However, her adoptive family knows she needs a little rest in between her antics, so they have a large doggie bed set-up in the backyard. On her bed Ellie can catch a few zzz’s and bask in the warm rays of the sun when it’s nice outside. When the weather is a little too chilly, Ellie cuddles with her adoptive mother indoors – making sure to place her head right on the pillow! And if her canine friend, Peanut, is getting too much attention, Ellie will wedge her way right in between the two in order to demand the attention she wants.