Sir Kobe

Kobe was not a good or willing patient at the Animal League’s medical center when he came in for his check-up. His foster mom coaxed him into his carrier with a can of cat food, but once he realized that the carrier door closed he went into attack mode. It took three Animal League staff members to hold him down in order to sedate him for his essential ultrasound to assess his critical heart condition. It was a huge struggle but it was worth it – Kobe’s heart condition has not progressed! He also received a comprehensive exam as well as vaccinations and a long overdue nail clipping. It took him a little time to settle down once he made it back home, but now he is back to his normal self.



Toby’s foster mom says that he is doing very well. He loves to play outside and go for walks. To look at him, you would never know that he is a special-needs dog. He is even starting to gain a little weight which he needs. He’s eating 3 times each day. It’s still working well to mix his food with water so that he can swallow it and properly digest it. His mom reports that Toby has been having fun lately with another dog in their extended family. It’s such a comfort to know that Toby is playing well with other dogs and gaining weight and feeling just like any other healthy dog – thanks, of course, to Sponsors like you!



We are so happy to report that Clancy’s recent ultrasound at the Animal League went well. Thankfully, his heart looks good. He also had a comprehensive exam including blood work and necessary vaccinations. Clancy was on his best behavior during his visit and we were so proud of him. A special thank you to Clancy’s sponsors for enabling him to get the health care that he needs to survive.


Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Charlie visited his veterinarian last week for a regular check-up. Unexpectedly and sadly, Hurricane Charlie’s blood and urine tests returned results that show his kidney disease has most likely progressed. While this is sad news, Hurricane Charlie’s spirit doesn’t seem to be affected. He still thoroughly enjoys his walks, asking his family to take him for two each day by presenting his paw while holding his leash in his mouth. And the best news of all is that Hurricane Charlie will be celebrating his fifth birthday on May 10th. We are all sending our birthday wishes to him and hope for another year of happiness for this precious pooch.


We couldn’t be happier to report the wonderful news that Penny has fit right in to her new home. While at the Animal League, Penny received plenty of attention from the staff and never felt alone, but she still yearned for a family to call her own. Today Penny not only has great adoptive parents, but another furry feline named Zippy for her to play with. Penny can be fickle at times and retreats to her own space, but she seems to love having a new companion around.


Unfortunately, Charlotte’s recent testing is showing signs of the beginnings of Cushing’s disease. Since she is not showing symptoms, it is not being treated. Charlotte’s foster family is not advocating any invasive procedures that would provide more stress to her than anything else. Charlotte is an older dog and has been dealing with medical issues her entire life. She seems happy, in no distress and is continuing with her daily routine. The Animal League will be sure to give her the medical care and monitoring that she requires.


Buttermilk’s new medication had been working wonders for him in the first few weeks. However, there are still some days that his face appears irritated from his allergies. On these days, Buttermilk usually catches some extra zzz’s to help overcome his discomfort. He rests right on his owner’s bed nearly kicking his owner off as he sprawls out in pure contentment! When he’s not resting, Buttermilk loves to follow his new owner around like a shadow.



Nina’s adoptive family is happy to report that their beautiful pooch has been feeling just swell. Spring is in the air and while Nina has lost her sight, she definitely has not lost her curiosity for the new sounds and smells. Because Nina is unable to see the birds outside you’ll often find her with her ears perked up as she listens to their chirps when the windows are open. It is quite a sight to see as she tilts her head in wonderment as if to ask where these noisy creatures are.


Even in his older age, Benji is overzealous for life. He’s been known to express his joy when playing by wiggling his entire body, which his foster parents just love to see. More recently, Benji has been enjoying the outdoors now that the weather is getting a little warmer. However, his foster mom refuses to let him outside without his very own doggie vest – to protect him from chilly breezes! Once Benji is tuckered out from play time, he grabs a quick nap with his foster siblings.


Kyle recently visited the veterinarian and the good news is that he continues to no longer need medication to regulate his heart and respiratory problems. However, Kyle’s foster mom was advised that Kyle is a little on the heavy side. She wasn’t surprised because Kyle is such a good eater, but she has committed to regulating his diet going forward. It also doesn’t help that Kyle loves to rest a lot. His foster mom often catches him lying on his back with his little paws covering his eyes. Maybe soon we’ll see a leaner Kyle strutting through the Animal League for a visit!