Dear Valued Friend,

Sadly, there comes a time when we must bid farewell to the four-legged friends we love so much. We reflect on the joy they brought to our lives and feel thankful that we had the opportunity to know them.  It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Dachshund,


Charlotte joined the Animal League’s Sponsor Program in 2006. Originally,

Charlotte was abandoned at a local shelter that did not practice a no-kill philosophy. She was a senior dog with an array of health problems, and the Animal League feared that she would have been put down.

Charlotte’s fate drastically changed when the Animal League rescued her. A thorough examination by Animal League veterinarians found that

Charlotte had a congenital heart defect, hyperthyroidism, dermatitis, dental issues, chronic urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal disturbances. Animal League cardiologists repaired her heart with coil surgery and her hyperthyroidism was controlled with medication twice a day.

Charlotte’s valiant struggle and earnest victory over her conditions earned her the title, Queen of the Sponsor Program. Queen Charlotte ruled with grace and dignity and was an inspiration to all who knew her.  

Survived by her foster mother and countless Sponsors,

Charlotte will be dearly missed. We hope you find comfort in knowing that your generous sponsorship of

Charlotte enabled her to enjoy a wonderful quality of life and to live out her latter years in comfort. She was surrounded by those who adored her, and her life was a long and happy one. It has been our pleasure to care for her.

Queen Charlotte will always rule over our hearts.


The Sponsor Team


We are happy to report that Speckles is feeling well.  However, a couple weeks ago, she wouldn’t eat her food at mealtime.  Her foster mother had to sit with her and coax her to eat by hand feeding and continually reassuring her. Finally, after a week of this, her foster mom realized that she had some new helium balloons on the table in the kitchen near where Speckles is fed.  She was scared of them!  As soon as her mother got rid of them, Speckles was back to her normal self – finishing all of her food in about 2 seconds flat.  Silly girl, or silly mommy for not realizing why she wouldn’t eat!



This is bird watching season for Stripe. The warmer weather means open windows and doors where screens keep him indoors to perch and stare at all of the birds. The summer can be taxing on his bad heart. When the heat and humidity rises to an uncomfortable level, Stripes slows down and seeks a cool spot. His breathing is slightly labored when he is active during a heat wave. He seems to know his limits and does what he can not to over-exert himself. He is also gives more head butts. It is his not so subtle way of telling his foster family to turn on the tap because he is more thirsty during the warm weather.


Applejack came in for a much anticipated extended stay at the Animal League. His foster family went away on vacation and Applejack came to stay with some old friends while they were away. While at the medical center, Applejack received a full check-up. Little Applejack was very courageous during his echocardiogram, which thankfully came back showing no changes in his health. When he was all done, Applejack received affectionate kisses and hugs from staff members who have missed him so much!



Stella, while adorable and tiny, is far from quiet or patient. This petite pooch has become a morning alarm for her foster family. Each morning at 4:45 am on the dot Stella starts her barking frenzy to wake everyone up. And why do you think she’s so excited for everyone to rise? So that she can get her own special breakfast of course! Stella circles in the kitchen as she watches her foster mom cook breakfast in elated anticipation.



Despite having 12 foster siblings to share her home with, Sasha has fit right in without any problems. She’s even managed to get herself into trouble with some of her puppy antics. You see Sasha has discovered the game of tug of war and she can’t get enough of it. Sasha and her foster sibling Missy, a friendly Boxer, love to play the game together. However, they sometimes find their adoptive mother’s clothing to play with, which usually ends with a pile of tattered threads. Sasha’s foster mom is working with her to teach her to play tug of war with her toys instead!


Little Bean

Little Bean was brought to an Internal Medicine veterinarian where a Porto systemic shunt has been ruled out. Her recent blood tests, symptoms and failure to grow still point toward a shunt. Bean has been referred to a specialist at Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine who specializes in liver disease. At Cornell, they will be able to perform specific tests to diagnose exactly where the abnormal blood vessel in her liver may be. Once it is found, a surgeon will hopefully be able to ligate it (tie it off) and return the blood flow to her liver to a more normal pattern. This will be tricky since she is only 2 pounds. The goal is to keep her on medications to help prevent neurologic signs associated with liver shunts. She was started on a second prescription to help with this 3 times a day. Bean continues on a low protein diet to keep her liver functioning well.


Thank you for sponsoring Celine!  Celine is a wonderful new addition to the program.  Thankfully, Celine is in the care of a loving foster home.  Her neurological problems are stable.  She does have trouble walking, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around and playing.  She gets along with the other cats in the household and they have bonded just like a family.  When Celine is having difficulty moving around, the cats rush to her aid.  It is a very endearing sight.