Carmen, Venus & Pablo

Venus has been excelling at maneuvering in her wheel-cart and her agility has significantly improved. This is all thanks to her adoptive parents who have developed a specialized titanium wheel cart for Venus, which is lightweight and has smaller wheels. Because Venus is such a little lady she needed the help of a more light-weight wheel cart to allow her to walk around with the same ease as her siblings. Venus is especially happy recently because her adoptive mom is now only working part-time so she can give extra attention to her special little pups at home! You can be sure that Venus tries to steal away any extra time with her foster mom by plopping right in her lap and demanding to be fed separately.



Penny, although fickle at times, has been an absolute delight at home. Her adoptive family is happy to report that Penny has been wonderful with receiving her daily fluids and hasn’t given them any problems. She continues to be a happy young cat that fills her days with playing and eating, but she’s also been known to be a little bit of a trouble maker. Penny loves to attack the plants and furniture in her home; she has even coerced her feline friend Zippy to join in the fun. Needless to say her family is less than thrilled with some of the destruction, but they know she’s just being a cat and let it slide because the just love her to pieces!