Dear Valued Friend,Today we have some heartbreaking news to share with you. Our adored charcoal kitty cat, Celine has left us and passed away. Celine had only been in the Animal League’s Sponsor Program for a short time. Sweet and petite, Celine was a very young cat. At 8 months old, Celine had found herself back where she started – in North Shore Animal League America’s care.

When Celine was just a kitten, she and her littermate were adopted. But less than a year later, Celine started exhibiting strange behaviors. She was falling down and would shake involuntarily, so her owners gave her up. Celine had a neurological disorder which affected her balance and stability. Though she did not suffer from seizures, her condition still needed regular monitoring and maintenance and she needed strict supervision. Beautiful Celine was a very loving and playful cat. Regardless of her medical challenges, she still showed immense spirit and personality. She was a tough little cat who finally found peace and comfort in her last year of life. Her foster family as well as all her many sponsors gave her the love and support she needed and deserved. She was treated with respect and dignity and she walked with valor.

Your generous sponsorship of Celine enabled her to live a good quality of life. She was comfortable, happy and cared for. No one could ever say she was not adored. She was surrounded by those who loved her and all her needs were happily met.

Though we’ve only known Celine a short time, her memory will stay with us forever.


The Sponsor Team


Tiki is a beautiful, male, adult Collie mix who joined the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program in 2008. Tiki’s medical conditions include epilepsy which causes seizures and Addison’s disease, which is the common name for hypoadrenocorticism, where the adrenal gland doesn’t produce enough steroids to manage daily metabolic activity. This can cause Tiki to collapse if he is overstressed due to decreased steroid production.

Tiki has to be medicated for both the epilepsy and Addison’s disease for his entire life. Prior to coming to the Animal League, Tiki had an allergic reaction to a common medication used to treat Addison’s disease, which caused skin irritation and permanent hair loss in two areas on his body.

Tiki is a sweet and loving dog who enjoys playing and cuddling. In our care at only about 3 years old, Tiki is just like any other playful pet. His ailments certainly don’t hold him back, and as long as he stays on his medications, he should have a full and happy quality of life. North Shore Animal League America is honored to have Tiki as part of our Sponsor Program.

Carmen, Venus & Pablo

Venus has been excelling at maneuvering in her wheel-cart and her agility has significantly improved. This is all thanks to her adoptive parents who have developed a specialized titanium wheel cart for Venus, which is lightweight and has smaller wheels. Because Venus is such a little lady she needed the help of a more light-weight wheel cart to allow her to walk around with the same ease as her siblings. Venus is especially happy recently because her adoptive mom is now only working part-time so she can give extra attention to her special little pups at home! You can be sure that Venus tries to steal away any extra time with her foster mom by plopping right in her lap and demanding to be fed separately.



Benji came to the Animal League for his routine check-up and the staff couldn’t be more excited. Benji has such a gentle and friendly demeanor that everyone just loves when they get the chance to see his adorable face again. He had a full evaluation and based on the results of his blood work Benji will need to have an adjustment in his insulin to help regulate his diabetes. While Benji loved seeing his friends at the Animal League he was thrilled to get back home. As soon as he walked in the front door he begged for his daily brushing, which is his favorite time of the day. His adoptive mother brushed him for quite some time as a reward for being such a good patient during his visit. Benji expressed his gratitude and contentment with some wiggling and tail wagging!


Cleo, as always, seems to be riding on the same allergy roller coaster that so many people are on this time of year.  On the good days, she is a handful who demands attention and will go as far as to sway playfully at your heels if you walk away and she is not satisfied with the rub you have given her.  If you get too far away, she will simply wait until you are seated and then leap into your lap so you can finish the job.  On the bad days, she simply sleeps all day and all night long while constantly cleaning her face of tears from her runny eyes (in addition to her usual nose blowing). 



Penny, although fickle at times, has been an absolute delight at home. Her adoptive family is happy to report that Penny has been wonderful with receiving her daily fluids and hasn’t given them any problems. She continues to be a happy young cat that fills her days with playing and eating, but she’s also been known to be a little bit of a trouble maker. Penny loves to attack the plants and furniture in her home; she has even coerced her feline friend Zippy to join in the fun. Needless to say her family is less than thrilled with some of the destruction, but they know she’s just being a cat and let it slide because the just love her to pieces!