Stella continues to be a chirpy little girl. She sounds the alarm – her barking – sometimes as early as 4 am to wake up her foster mother. Stella simply loves to watch her feed the birds in the yard and the second her foster mom opens to screen door to go into the yard to do so, Stella makes a run for it. She gallops around in the grass for quite some time while the birds fill up on seed before she’s ready to retreat back inside. Then she usually cuddles up next to her best friend Sasha for some extra zzz’s.

Carmen, Venus & Pablo

Pablo, including his tiny sisters Venus and Carmen, is doing just marvelously. All three of the pups are continually improving in their wheel carts as they coast around both in the front and back yard! Pablo has been walking the most and his ability to walk in the cart has significantly improved. This daily activity usually tuckers Pablo and his sisters out, which means they need to catch up on their sleep. Pablo’s adoptive family often catches all three of these adorable pups napping together under a blanket. When he’s not asleep Pablo can be caught putting up a fuss during bath time, which is his least favorite part of the day.



Penny continues to be a good sport with taking her daily fluids and rarely puts up a fight. She also continues to be rambunctious and playful. Her foster parent has made sure to provide Penny, and her friend Zippy, with additional toys and scratching posts. He is hoping that this will help ensure that both Penny and Zippy keep their paws off of the furniture. This plan seems to be working and the toys with cat nip seem to be keeping Penny pretty busy. She usually tires herself out with all her rigorous play and instead of scratching the couch; she jumps up on it to take a nap.  



Rockstar is a fun and friendly Sharpei/German Shepherd mix. His loving and sweet personality makes you fall in love with him the moment you meet him. This handsome canine joined the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program in 2008.

Rockstar was originally adopted as a puppy and later returned to the Animal League in 2007 after the previous owners reported that Rockstar had a seizure. He had a comprehensive physical examination, blood work and urine testing. The results of these tests indicated that Rockstar had a disorder of his liver called a Porto Systemic Shunt (PSS). A PSS is caused by abnormal blood flow thru the liver. The abnormal blood flow caused toxin buildup in his body that resulted in seizures. At the time of his initial workup, Rockstar was also found to have bladder stones, which is also a common occurrence in dogs with PSS. Rockstar was also found to have an ocular condition called entropion where the eyelid margins roll inward causing irritation to his corneas. Left untreated, entropion can result in corneal scarring and even blindness.  

Rockstar was evaluated by a team of veterinarians that specialize in internal medicine, ophthalmology, and surgery and the good news was that Rockstar’s conditions of a PSS, bladder stones and entropion would carry a good prognosis if surgery was performed.  Rocky underwent four separate surgeries between 5/08 – 8/08 to fix his liver, bladder, and eye conditions and he has recovered fantastically! He was a trooper during his recovery period, always wagging and willing to take his many medications.

He is on a special diet and liver supplement for his liver condition and will need to stay on this special diet for his entire life. This combination of a special diet and liver supplements will help his liver remain healthy and prevent any worsening of hepatic microvascular dysplasia which is a common sequella to PSS. We anticipate that with proper veterinary care and follow-up, Rockstar will live a full and happy life.  We would like to welcome Rockstar to the Sponsor Program, and we look forward to caring for him forever. He gained many fans here at the Animal League during his hospitalization. This is one Rockstar who knows how to draw a crowd!