In Memory of Scarlett

Dear Friends,

I am heartbroken. On Saturday, October 11, 2008 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful, brave Scarlett. Her endless health battles had become too overwhelming for her. As most of you know, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma in June 2007. She did remarkably well with her medications. But there were other illnesses that made each day more of a struggle. Her heart murmur, thyroid, dental issues, and kidneys all contributed. It was the renal failure, however, that eventually took its toll. Scarlett’s decline was rapid. We knew there was no going back.

Scarlett had been hospitalized last week. When we took her home on Friday, she couldn’t stand. It wasn’t fair to let her suffer after all she’d been through. So we brought her back to the hospital where she went peacefully in my arms while my mother sang to her. Her Doctors were wonderfully caring and compassionate.

Although she had not been eating very much in her last week, either in the hospital or at home, she ate like the old, 19-pound Scarlett Friday morning! That’s a memory we’ll cherish.

Thank you all for all your good thoughts and wishes throughout this ordeal. Scarlett was a very special cat, and she will be missed by all the lives she touched.


North Shore Animal League America is extremely saddened by Scarlett’s passing. Scarlett was not only a dedicated mother, fearless heroine, and beloved pet, but she was also an inspiration to all.

Scarlett’s five kittens were not the only lives she saved in her lifetime. Scarlett’s celebrity saved countless animals at the Animal League and all over the world – shedding light on the intelligent, intuitive and loving natures of cats. Her face regally graces the pages of the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program, as she represents all the special-needs felines who need our care.

North Shore Animal League America would like to extend our deepest condolences to Scarlett’s family and supporters. There will never be another Scarlett, and though she is physically gone from our lives, she will never be forgotten.

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Dear Friends,

It is with heartfelt condolences that we convey this news to you today. Tiki, our beautiful, male, Collie mix who joined the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program in 2008, has passed away.  Though you may not guess it to look at him, Tiki had an array of medical conditions including epilepsy which caused seizures and Addison’s disease, where the adrenal gland doesn’t produce enough steroids to manage daily metabolic activity. This caused Tiki to collapse if he was overstressed due to decreased steroid production.  Tiki was medicated for both his epilepsy and Addison’s disease and was monitored regularly for these conditions. Prior to coming to the Animal League, Tiki had an allergic reaction to a common medication used to treat Addison’s disease, which caused skin irritation and permanent hair loss in two areas on his body. Tiki was a sweet and loving dog who enjoyed his life. He loved to play and cuddle, and had a beautiful temperament – even when he was feeling ill. At only 3-4 years old, Tiki was just like any other playful pet. His ailments certainly didn’t hold him back, and the short time he did have was full and happy. Though we grieve for Tiki, as we have grieved for the loss of other beloved pets who have touched us so deeply, we also feel filled with love and joy that we were able to know him and to help him live happily. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his caring sponsors and his wonderful sponsor mother, and close friend of the Animal League, for we know their pain is the greatest. Tiki was our friend, and he will be greatly missed.




Shore Animal League



Stella has been feeling great in her foster home and will soon be coming in for a check-up. Stella continues to be a playful pup and has a sassy, but endearing personality. However, Stella does have some difficulty playing and frolicking around in her home as well as the yard in comparison to some of her foster siblings. While she has some orthopedic issues with her hind legs which affects her mobility, her foster mom says that she is otherwise very full of life. Each day she drags her favorite comforter into the kitchen from the hallway and digs into it while her mom prepares breakfast and dinner for her and her foster siblings!

Carmen, Venus & Pablo

                                                     Carmen, Pablo, Venus and little Scooter (seen here checking himself out in the mirror of a child’s toy!) couldn’t be better taken care of. Their family has gone out of their way to make their disabilities unnoticeable to them. They are able to run, jump and play just like any other dogs thanks to the special areas their family has created for them. Inside their house they have a “Chihuahua Area” surrounded by child gates with a “food court” where they eat, a toy chest where they can pick their own toy and an area for them to play around in and rest. In addition, a fully enclosed outdoor area was made specifically for them when they would like to get some fresh air. The floor is lined with Astroturf to help protect their chests when they run around without their carts and a tented area was made to keep them shaded in the sun. What a life these pups lead!



Unfortunately, after Nina’s recent check-up, her foster mom noticed that Nina’s eye seemed irritated and red. She quickly brought Nina back to the Animal League. Nina was prescribed medication for what was thought to be an infection, however, after her eye showed no improvement, she was brought back for another check-up. It was determined that Nina had an ulcer on her eye. Ultimately, it was decided that it was best to remove Nina’s eye to help alleviate the pressure and discomfort she was experiencing. Fortunately, she hasn’t let this recent discomfort affect her appetite or friendly attitude. The good news is that Nina had her eye removed and the surgery went well. The next day Nina’s family said that right away she was doing well. We hope for a happy and healthy recovery for our precious Nina!


Penny continues to be an extremely playful and bouncy little kitty. She absolutely loves to spend her days playing with her feline companion Zippy and her medical condition never seems to have any effect on her attitude at all. She frolics around the condo chasing him around and loves to jump out and pounce for some good-natured wrestling. Penny’s owner also loves how much time she spends playing with him. She’s simply an absolute delight to have around.


King Fritz

King Fritz is back to being his good old self. He’s been running around the house, despite his arthritis, bossing around all the other pets in his home. Since recovering from his recent upper respiratory infection, Fritz has no problem barking orders and tends to get territorial around the home. He takes advantage of some of the more submissive animals, however there are some instances when little Fritz gets put in his place. He usually just retreats to his foster mom’s bedroom to rest in his very own bed.