On Saturday, October 11, 2008 the world bid farewell to the beautiful and heroic Scarlett the cat. Scarlett did not only impact those who knew her, she touched the lives of countless people around the world.

On October 17th, at the “Crossroads of the World,” Times Square, NYC, Scarlett’s larger-than-life image illuminated the night on the world’s largest digital sign, the Reuters sign.

At 35 feet wide x 32.5 feet tall, viewers marveled and paid tribute to a cat who surpassed everyone’s imaginations and expectations.

The screen above Scarlett’s picture reads:

“Scarlett, the World-Famous Brave Mother Cat Who Survived a Fire and Saved Her Kittens, Passes Away”


The change to cooler, dryer weather has made Sixpence itchy, so he is on medication for that, but otherwise doing well.  Two exciting things for him to watch recently, a clogged drain that led to a lot of pipe work and the installation of a new paper towel rack!  Dull stuff for us, but really interesting for 6p, and not scary for him because all of the people involved were family – so no seizures.  There are the squirrels to watch as they get ready for winter, some pigeons to scare away (pigeons are new to him), and the feral kitten his family found in the back yard…probably the first kitten he has ever seen! 



Our little Stella has been a spitfire as usual. Her foster mom says that she is always happy and brightens her days with her energy and antics. To make Stella happy her foster mom caters to her in every way. She even pretends to be a waitress at a diner as she asks Stella what she wants to eat for her meal and then prepares Stella’s “special order”. Watching her foster mom walk around the kitchen as if she’s carrying around a serving tray gets Stella excited. She runs over to her very own Barbie couch where she jumps up and wriggles around in anticipation. Stella’s foster mom gets a little nervous when Stella gets so excited and jumps around due to her orthopedic problems, but Stella doesn’t seem to have any discomfort.


Rockstar is feeling well and getting a lot of attention from the Animal League staff members.  He’s still in the Animal League’s shelter, patiently waiting for his loving home.  He will soon be getting a Kennel “Buddy” – an assigned associate taking extra special care of him – walking him, talking to him, one on one play time, etc.  He is next in line for a Buddy, so he will soon be an even happier boy than he already is!  As much as we like to have Rockstar around us, we desperately want him to find either a foster care home or an adopted home.  We know that he longs for a place of his own and a wonderful family to please.  We hope his holiday dreams come true very soon!



Penny’s adoptive parents advised that she has been feeling well and has not had any health concerns this past month. She takes her medication without any fuss and doesn’t seem to mind that her adoptive sibling Zippy doesn’t have daily medication just like her! Penny’s family has noticed that she likes to spend her time lounging under the dresser and also laying across the window sill where she watches the birds. When she gets a little rambunctious you can find her and Zippy swatting at each other playfully. Her adoptive parents said that Zippy and Penny love to play together – including hiding from each other, jumping, chasing and batting one another’s tails.


Lady Harmony

We are happy to report that medically, Lady Harmony is doing well.  She is still a little scared of the other cats in her foster care home.  However, she has come to love one of the kittens.  She has taken on the job of the kitten’s mother and will groom her and let her lay on her bed with her.  It’s an endearing sight to see!  Lady Harmony remains on a special diet to manage her transient diabetes and she gets urine dips done twice a week just to make sure everything is normal. She enjoys being brushed by her foster mama and especially loves receiving belly rubs!


Napoleon had surgery on both ears.  Since both ear canals have been completely removed he is now completely deaf. That said, he is now much more comfortable without the masses (that were causing him some pain) and without the infection.  The biopsies of both ear canals did unfortunately come back as a type of cancer called ceruminous gland adenocarcinomas, but not entirely unexpected in light of the chronic history of ear disease prior to his arrival.  The surgical excision on both ears was complete with clean surgical margins (no tumor cells left behind), but due to the malignant nature of this disease his prognosis is still guarded.  He will have close monitoring in the future with chest x-rays and exams to ensure there are no new growths in the region of his ear canals.  He is on antibiotics, pain medication and eye lubrication to keep his tear production normal as he heals from the surgery. 


Lady Grace

Lady Grace stopped eating and we were scared that she had a tumor in her mouth since that area in particular was very painful and swollen.   Because of her diabetes it was imperative that Grace regain a healthy appetitie quickly so that we could continue to give her her normal dose of insulin and not cause any disruption in her glucose regulation.  She was sent to a specialty hospital and examined by a veterinary dental specialist.  The good news was that Grace did not have a tumor — in fact the swellling of her left jaw was an abscess from an infected tooth root.  Grace was immediately put under anesthesia with top of the line monitoring of her respiration (due to her history of asthma) and had dental x-rays taken.  It appeared that more than one tooth was not very healthy and the veterinary dentist needed to remove 9 teeth!  Grace returned to her foster care home for post operative care and initially could only eat a special canned food that was good for both her diabetes and her dental extractions. 


Our precious Bonnie has been enjoying her home despite having a few other felines around that she doesn’t necessarily get along with. Even when Bonnie was at the Animal League she sometimes had a fickle attitude and would enjoy her alone time in her cage while the other cats scampered around. In her home Bonnie typically spends her time away from the other 4 cats and retreats to her own room to relax. Of course Bonnie makes her way out to enjoy dinner time. Her family says that Bonnie gobbles up her wet and dry food quickly and this seems to be her favorite time of the day!



This fall season couldn’t’ be a better time for Charley. When out in the yard Charley has a pile of leaves to lie in as his foster siblings jump around him. Charley is sight for sore eyes when red, orange and yellow leaves pop with color as they fall from the trees and land on top of his ebony fur. Although Charley can’t hop around in the leaves like his foster siblings, he seems to love his time outside and the fresh crisp autumn air.