Dear Valued Friend, 

Our furry, four-legged friends bring so much joy to our lives. Their wagging tails and bright eyes make us smile and their open hearts make us humble. They teach us patience, loyalty and unconditional love, and when they leave us, they take a part of us with them.  

It is with great sadness and loss that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Terrier mix, Benji. Benji came to the Animal League through long distance rescue efforts. After being a faithful pet for six years, he was given up because his chronic illnesses became too much of a burden for his owner. When the Animal League saw Benji’s sad but hopeful eyes, we knew we could make him happy again.  

Animal League Veterinarians diagnosed Benji with heartworm, an upper respiratory infection, diabetes, and cancer. But Benji found a new lease on life through our Sponsor Program and was placed in a loving foster home where he spent the rest of his days. 

It comforts us, and we hope it comforts you to know that Benji was a very happy dog. His days were spent being spoiled by his foster family who always showered him with love. He was the focus of everyone’s attention and adoration, and we think he knew it and reveled in it.  

The Animal League is very happy to have been able to help Benji have the happiest life possible. His absence may leave a frown on our longing faces, but his wonderful memory will leave a smile in our hearts forever. 


The Sponsor Team


These days, Sixpence keeps himself entertained by watching the squirrels gather up acorns and chestnuts for the winter and by watching the migrating birds landing on the lawn and in the trees.  “6P” likes the holidays because he gets more snacks and a lot of extra fussing.  His foster mom has to be vigilant about what he eats in order to keep him healthy during treat-filled holiday time.  She also has to be careful to make sure that he doesn’t get overexcited, which might result in a seizure. “6P” twisted his front foot and gave his mom a big scare – he’s so fragile that she really worries if any little thing seems wrong with him, but he’s ok now.  Sixpence is such a good boy – he leads a simple life, but he doesn’t know it – he’s always ready for a kiss on the nose and a pat and a scratch behind the ears.  We look forward to a very happy and healthy New Year for Sixpence and all of our beloved special-needs sponsor program pets!


Bradley continues to be a fun-loving pooch and a pleasure to have around. Since the winter has set in, he hasn’t been able to do some of his favorite things – like visit Central Park to frolic with the other dogs. However, his family thinks he’ll forget all about that for awhile. They plan on treating Bradley, once again, to eight special presents in celebration of the holidays. A family friend also bought a new dog bed for Bradley to lounge on. We’re sure that Bradley will be very appreciative and that his new toys and doggie treats will keep him occupied indoors all winter long!



Sasha continues to have difficulty holding in her urine due to her life-long condition, but her foster mom is dedicated to making Sasha feel just like any other dog. She even has plans to make Sasha her very own room in her home so that she will not need to spend time in her crate at all. We have a feeling that Sasha will feel like the queen of her domain once she has a big room to call her own! Hopefully the other foster pets won’t get jealous. In addition, Sasha continues to improve with her destructive behavior and her foster mom plans on rewarding her this holiday season with some special treats in her stocking – hung from the fireplace with care.



Stella recently had a little tiff with one of her foster siblings. Fortunately, she let the quarrel roll off her back and went right back to being a lively little pooch. She continues to live her life in her own special way because of the orthopedic problems she has in her legs. But since all of her foster siblings are special-needs pets she doesn’t even notice that she has a disability. She frequently nuzzles up to her best bud Honeybun – her foster sibling who only has three legs. For the holiday season, Stella’s foster mom plans on making her some special clothes as a present. Soon both Stella and her mom can show off their matching outfits when they go out around town. Her foster mom has also placed a special stocking on the fireplace with Stella’s name on it, which she plans to fill with the treats and toys that Stella loves!



Unfortunately, Penny’s daily care has been increasingly more difficult to maintain for her adoptive parent. While Penny doesn’t mind receiving her daily fluids, it is time consuming and taxing to administer these fluids on an ongoing basis. Although her adoptive parent loves Penny dearly he does want to make sure that Penny gets the best care possible. Because Penny will always have a place to call home at the Animal League, she has come back to stay with us while we all work hard to find her a great, loving home; hopefully in time for the New Year. In the meantime the staff at the Animal League will be sure to shower Penny will love and attention as always.



Speckles has a new habit – she scratches her foster parent’s bedroom door in the hopes of getting in there to relax when they are not home.  They just started closing the door when they leave the house because the other family dog unmakes the bed and often ends up tearing holes in the sheets!  With numerous sheets having to be replaced, shutting the door seemed like the next best solution.  Good for the sheets, bad for Speckles!  Medically, Speckles is doing well.  Luckily, they haven’t heard her cough in a long time, but that’s expected to start up again once the weather turns colder.   



With time, Clancy is slowing getting back to his old self after the loss of his two special pet friends.  In fact, he’s actually showing signs of a little jealousy due to the new pets that have entered his household.  Clancy has a new brother and sister!  His sister is a 6 year old Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu mix named Guinness, adopted from a shelter with allergies and a leg issue.  His brother is a cat, about 5 months old, named Eragon saved from the streets.  Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to report that Clancy and his new siblings are best friends!  We look forward to a very happy and healthy New Year for Clancy and all of our beloved special-needs sponsor program pets!