The Puppy Chronicles: Part 1: Hurricane Charlie

Hundreds died, but I survived. Way back in 2005, when I was just a puppy, Hurricane Katrina devastated my home. Before that I had a loving family who would take me to the park and play with me all the time. Every September, on my birthday, my family would take me to see all my other friends. “Fetch!” They would shout, and I and my friends would all scramble to catch the red flying disk; I would always catch it first.

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Deuce is an adorable, young, mixed-breed dog who was part of an Animal League International Rescue mission in 2007. At first glance, it was obvious that there was a problem with Deuce’s leg. Deuce has angular limb deformity of his left front leg, which gives the appearance that his leg is turned out. Because of this condition, Deuce will need a series of surgeries over month’s time to correct these defects and allow him to have a good quality of life. An existing scar on his leg and some missing bone indicates that there was either possible trauma or possibly a previous surgery done to his leg prior to his arrival at the Animal League.

Deuce takes Cosequin, a nutritional supplement to help maintain optimal joint function and needs to keep his weight down so as not to stress his limbs. Deuce’s injury will not affect his life span and certainly has not affected his wonderful temperament. He is a great dog with tons of personality, and we are happy to give him the love and care he needs for as long as he needs it. Deuce’s condition will be life-long. However, through the Animal League’s Sponsor Program, Deuce has found a foster care home, where he will be loved, respected, completely cared for and given the wonderful life he truly deserves. With the help of generous monthly Sponsors like you, he’ll live out the rest of his days as healthy and happy as possible. We hope that you will choose to be his Sponsor Program pet parent – thank you



Rhett is a gorgeous adult cat who came to the Animal League as part of our Rescue Program. Unfortunately, this raven beauty has a condition called Diabetes Mellitus. This means he needs to have his sugar monitored regularly, he needs to receive insulin twice a day and he will remain on a special diet for the rest of his life. This treatable condition is fairly common in cats and the symptoms are similar to those in humans. Properly regulated, Rhett’s diabetes should not shorten his lifespan or affect his quality of life. Rhett lives very comfortably in a foster care home. There we can ensure that he receives the care and love he needs to be happy and as healthy as possible. His foster family keeps a close watch on Rhett to safely control his diabetes and to be sure that his life is the best it can be. With the help of generous monthly Sponsors like you, Rhett will live out the rest of his days as healthy and happy as possible. We hope you will choose to be his Sponsor Program pet parent – thank you!


Student’s Corner: From the Teacher

As a teacher of English and a lover of animals, I wanted to find a way to combine my two passions. Given that I have been working at the North Shore Animal League since 2001, I am familiar with the various departments of the shelter. Consequently, in my 10th grade Writing Workshop class I composed an assignment in which the students research the North Shore Animal League website and identify an animal from the “Sponsor Program” to write about. Students were given three weeks to identify an animal, write an outline creating a past, present, and future for that animal, research the animal’s illnesses, and write multiple drafts. The goal of this assignment was to improve student writing, spread awareness of animal care and cruelty, as well as have the students expand their creativity. My students gave these animals a voice and told their stories. Many of the students were outraged at the way these animals looked before the league provided them an opportunity for a new life. I was pleased at the process and the final outcome of this assignment. Next semester, I anticipate a class of 30 students completing the same assignment.

-Antonia Mancini

English Teacher

Holy Trinity Diocesan High School

Humane Educator
North Shore Animal League America

Bradley’s Story

One puppy no parents; this is how I am described by people who walk past me. I felt sad and upset because no one even took a second look at me. I want to realize my hopes and dreams to finally find someone who won’t abandon me. I am going on a journey through my past, present, and future to reflect on my long journey to where I have come from and where I am now.

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Three Times Too Big

Dia duit! Hello! And no, you cannot have my lucky charms! My name is Clancy, and if you can’t tell, my family is native to Ireland. If you must know a bit about me, let’s get this out of the way first. Contained within my downy white hair covered body is a heart literally three times larger than average, and this condition is further worsened by a rather sever heart murmur. But it doesn’t bother me much; I still jump around and play, and do so quite often. Now here is my story……

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A Precious Gift

Orange, red and yellow flames flicker around me; smoke fills the room and pours into my lungs and becomes unbearable. I cry out uncontrollably in order to warn others and save myself, but it becomes difficult to tolerate. So I lunge out the window with my last bit of energy and collapse onto the cold, soft green grass and lie down helplessly from exhaustion. But revealing more of what happened would be jumping ahead in the story and I would like to walk you through it.

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My Miracle Story

It has been said that the “puppy stage” is the best part of a dog’s life. So far it’s been the worst part of my life. I hope my luck will change soon.
I was born in a litter of 8 puppies, only half of us survived. We were born outside in an alley in New York City. My mother was very protective over us. We could not go more than a few feet away from her without her getting paranoid and growling at us to come back. As I matured I became very curious. One day I decided to leave because I wanted to go and see the outside world. From that point on I never looked back. It wasn’t a very good decision. My life had almost turned for the worse.

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Go, Diego, Go!

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow”. — Orison Marden. The medicine that they give me does not compare to the medicine that I give myself. Hola! Me llamo es Diego; otherwise seen as a miniature, furry black kitty cat. Being a 2 ½ lb, hazel-eyed, 6 month old kitty, I love being cared for and playing with multicolored yarn. My favorite drink is milk from the kitty bowl and strawberry flavored biscuits. At first I may appear very shy. However, when you get to know me, I am the most playful kitty cat you’ll ever meet! You usually don’t notice me coming into the room because of my shy demeanor.

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