Bradley has had a great start to the New Year – making a new best friend! Bradley’s owners have a family friend who recently adopted a dog named Moose from North Shore Animal League America. Bradley and Moose were recently introduced and hit it off right from the start. Bradley showed Moose all his favorite spots in the yard and the two romped around in the snow for quite some time. When they were done playing in the cold the two retreated inside for a little game of tug-of-war with Bradley’s most beloved toy.



Sadly, Rockstar was returned to the Animal League by his new foster care family due to the unfortunate foreclosure of their home.  Upon return, Rockstar’s hind legs seemed stiff when he was walked.  He was x-rayed and diagnosed with dysplasia in his right hip.  He is not a candidate for surgery at this time, so he was started on Cosequin and cage rest.  The lameness was immediately relieved, so the Cosequin was prescribed to continue.  Everyone who knows Rockstar says he’s a great dog.  It is our goal to find him the perfect foster family.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted. 


Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Charlie hasn’t let the passing of his favorite gift giving time of year get him down. While he truly loved sniffing around for wrapped presents and ringing in the New Year with some barks and tail-wagging with family members, he has gotten back to some of his other favorite activities with ease. Charlie’s family advised that their loveable canine has been scavenging for golf balls that are hit over the fence at a nearby miniature golf course. Even though it’s getting colder outside, he could spend hours sniffing around for stray golf balls with content.