Hurricane Charlie

Dear Sponsor Pet Parent,

Over the years, North Shore Animal League America has been fortunate enough to rescue and care for many wonderful animals. Our Sponsor Program pets with special-needs are no exception. Because we care for them their entire lives, we build special bonds. We share in their joys and in their sorrows. And when one of them passes on, it affects us all.
It is with a broken heart that we write to you today to inform you that on June 24, 2009, our treasured Hurricane Charlie passed away. As his name suggests, Charlie came to us as part of the Hurricane Katrina rescue. Charlie had heartworms and an upper respiratory infection; but even worse, Charlie was in the late stages of kidney disease which required daily medication and special food. He also had some behavioral hurdles to overcome. Charlie seemed fearful of men and possessive of his food. The Animal League suspected possible physical abuse in Charlie’s past, as fear and worry are often common indicators. Charlie had a difficult beginning. Charlie was in the Animal League’s care for more than a year before a family inquired about him. They fell in love with his poignant story, and they fell in love with him. Hurricane Charlie started a new journey – rescued from Louisiana, nurtured in New York and then off to California with his adoptive family.
Lovingly known as Charlie Bear, he spent his days strolling on the beach and in the orchards, playing in the sand or searching for golf balls and being adored by his new family. Thanks to the patience and loving determination of his family, Charlie Bear was a changed dog. From love, his behavioral issues subsided and he learned to trust again.
Though Charlie’s early years were trying, his latter years were filled with love and adoration. Hurricane Charlie’s illness took him from our lives, but he forever lives in our hearts and his story will always grace the pages of North Shore Animal League America. We were blessed to have known him.
The Animal League would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his adoptive family, his Sponsors and to all who knew him. He will be greatly missed.

The Sponsor Team

Lady Grace

Dear Valued Friend,

There comes a time when we know we have to convey some news that will bring sadness. Though we dislike being the messenger of despair, we know it’s important to keep our dear friends informed of the animals we all care for so deeply. That is why we write to you today. It is with great sorrow in our hearts that we inform you of the passing of our beloved feline friend, Lady Grace.
Lady Grace was abandoned at North Shore Animal League America. She was adopted and returned in May 2005 due to her multiple health problems.  She was initially diagnosed with asthma. Shortly thereafter, upon further examination, it was discovered that Lady Grace also had diabetes and liver disease. Lady Grace was on an array of different medications for her conditions. Lady Grace lived at the Animal League for 6 months in the Surgery Ward before going to a wonderful foster care home with one of the Animal League’s veterinarians in November 2005.  Lady Grace could not have been in better or more loving, skilled hands.

Lady Grace passed away peacefully in her sleep on her favorite pillow. Her foster mother says that she seemed to be as content as one could be. We estimate that Lady Grace was between 12-14 years old, but can not be exactly sure.The Animal League is extremely saddened by the loss of our very special onyx kitty, who was known for giving her foster mother the sweetest kisses on her nose.

We extend our deepest sympathies to her Animal League Sponsor Program donors and especially to her foster mother, who cared for her so tenderly for the last three and half years.

At the Animal League, all her needs were met and she was able to live a good quality of life.A beautiful Lady indeed, she will be greatly missed.
The Sponsor Team


Toby is due for a check-up and will be coming to the Animal League’s medical center soon.  His foster mother reports that Toby is feeling well.  He is enjoying the warmer weather and the longer, sunny days.  He is calm and well-adjusted now after a few years of settling in with his family and his condition.  Fortunately, he hasn’t gotten sick in a long time and it is our wish that he remains this way.  Toby is much friendlier around people and other animals than every before.   Check him out in this picture snuggling with his best friend!