Dear Friend and Sponsor,

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching,we are reminded to be grateful for all that we are so fortunate to have: our health,our loved ones, and of course, our pets. Life is so fragile and fleeting that we must remember to be thankful everyday for those who are dear.
It saddens us to inform you that we must say goodbye to a dear sponsor pet, Nina. Nina joined the Animal League’s Sponsor Program at only 6 months old. She had very weak ligaments in her legs, pneumonia and diabetes melitus. Sadly, Nina’s diabetes led to blindness, and eventually, she developed an ulcer in her eye which led to the loss of that eye. But through all the inconvenience, all the doctor visits and all her health troubles, Nina never failed to take into account what was important to her – her family and her life. Always a faithful friend and loyal companion, Nina was a wonderful dog and cherished pet. She loved her life, and we loved her in our lives.
The Animal League would like to send our deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved Nina. We share in your grief. We are thankful to have known Nina – even for such a short spell – and to have had the opportunity to care for her for almost her entire life.
For all the wonderful animals, and the love they so selflessly give, weare truly thankful.
The Sponsor Team


December 2009 Update:

We are happy to report that Kyle continues to enjoy a carefree life at home with his foster mother.  At home, Kyle is happy to enjoy the winter weather from afar and you will catch him perched on the window sill watching all the happenings outside.  When he’s finished gazing for hours, his foster mother usually finds him lounging around for nap time in his favorite spot on the couch.  However, he does hop up on the bed for some rest when the mood strikes him. It’s quite a sight to see Kyle cuddled up with a bunch of stuffed animals including a lion, owl, fox and kitty cat. You almost can’t tell which one is him!

January 2010 Update:

Kyle’s foster mother is happy to report that he has been feeling great.  He continues to love her to death and spends a lot of time resting next to her and talking to her with his “meows”.  He has also been playing around with some of his favorite toys in tow, a few new ones he loves so much that he won’t let them out of his sight.  He even keeps them next to his food dish while he eats!  He is very possessive.

February 2010 Update:

Kyle is doing well and seems very happy.  His vocabulary has increased.  Every morning when his foster mother says “good morning Kyle” he looks at her and says “Meow”.  He does this each and every morning.   He astounds her every day.  She combs him daily (which he loves) and consequently his coat is very smooth and shiny.  He’s such a darling! He follows her from room to room and in the morning he’ll sit on a little table and watch her put on her make-up.  He loves her so much.  He is a very lucky kitty and he deserves it.



We are happy to report that Sasha made the transition to her new home at the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary without any problems. She settled in well and has adjusted to the routine at the sanctuary very quickly. Each day Sasha is taken out for playtime and walks and has been introduced to other dogs at the sanctuary under supervision. While Sasha is not yet 100% comfortable with male staff members, she is gaining trust and confidence each day. In addition, Sasha will soon be evaluated by a referred veterinary clinic to determine if her urinary issues can be resolved.



We have some wonderful news to share about Sasha. She was recently transferred to St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi where she will be cared for and loved for the rest of her life. As a long-term resident of the Animal League Sasha received plenty of love and attention from the staff, but she did experience some stress as a result of being in a shelter environment. Fortunately, friends at the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary were able to bring Sasha to their facility. With a dog barn and acres upon acres of outdoor dog runs to enjoy, Sasha will have a wonderful, fulfilling life where she can receive care for her medical conditions and enjoy the great outdoors.


A Sponsor Pet Is Love Poem

A Pet Sponsor Is Love ♥

 A Pet Sponsor Is Love – A friend from afar who always makes sure, month after month, that we don’t want for anything more.

 A Pet Sponsor Is Love – Often our last hope; when others look away, they step forward – with love, with support, from within.

 A Pet Sponsor Is Love – Giving us the much needed and well-deserved second chance at a happy and solid quality of life; at peace for the first time, in a long time.

 A Pet Sponsor Is Love – A love that is unselfish and understanding, given straight from their hearts, to ours.  And their love should not and will not be forgotten.