This beautiful Golden Retriever is Marty. Marty was rescued from a backyard breeding operation when he was only two months old. Often, as in Marty’s case, the breeding parents are inbred, over-bred, not given proper medical attention and on insufficient diets, commonly resulting in sickly and even deformed offspring.

As a puppy, Marty started exhibiting questionable behaviors such as walking in circles, stumbling and even bumping into walls. Marty has a mild neurological disorder (disease of the nervous system) and his symptoms include: lack of balance, staring aimlessly, circling, walking into objects and occasional unresponsiveness. Because of this, he needs a close eye on him and to be kept safe from general household hazards such as stairs and sharp objects like table corners. Had Marty’s parents been properly bred and cared for, he most likely would not have this unfortunate condition.

Marty is an incredibly affectionate and darling dog. His gentle nature and sweet face make him quite hard to resist. Funny and adorable, Marty is a great dog, and the Animal League is happy to be able to care for him in our Sponsor Program for the rest of his life.