Charley’s adopted mother is happy to report his last visit to the veterinarian went very well and there’s nothing new to report medically. However, at home, Charley has become more demanding – he’s barking when he wants goodies. He and the other dogs in the house love taking turns steeling the toys from each other and running all around. We are so glad Charley is living in a happy home. He is doing as well as can be expected considering the trouble he has walking and although it is difficult for Charley to get around, he is always in good spirits. He wags his tail when he receives attention and pretty much gets anything he wants when he flashes his puppy dog eyes – he’s irresistible!


Lady Harmony

Dear Valued Friend,

North Shore Animal League America would like to take a moment to inform you of the passing of our adored feline friend, Lady Harmony.  

Beautiful Lady Harmony joined the Animal League’s Sponsor Program in 2008 at the age of 10 – 11 years old.  She was diagnosed with diabetes and required daily insulin shots twice a day as well as monthly check-ups. 

Animal League veterinarians suspected a previous history of urinary tract infections and possible pancreatitis.  In addition to the diabetes, they found bladder stones. Lady Harmony had a cystotomy operation to remove the stones and made a full recovery.

It wasn’t long before an associate of the Animal League’s Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center fell in love with the onyx-colored cat and brought her home to foster.

Though Lady Harmony often felt shy around her feline foster siblings, there was one special kitten who stole her heart. Lady Harmony cared for this little kitten as a mother would and we believe that this special relationship helped Lady Harmony to find peace and solitude.

The Animal League is so grateful to all our Sponsors and to Lady Harmony’s foster mother for giving her the best quality of life possible. Without this unconditional love and devotion, we would not be able to give our special-needs pets the extraordinary care we so lovingly provide.

Though we will always miss Lady Harmony, we take solace in knowing that she had a wonderful loving home and that she was cherished. Our memories of her will melt our sadness and our affection for her will make us smile once again.


The Sponsor Team


Ellie & Friends
Ellie & Friends

We are happy to report that Ellie is doing well. She still has the energy of a puppy and gets very excited when she knows she is going out for a walk. However, her foster mom recently had a surgical procedure and wasn’t feeling too well and Ellie nuzzled up with her for a little rest and relaxation to make her feel better. But, Ellie loves her time out in the yard and needed to sneak away for some lounging on her dog bed while the weather still permitted. Soon the snow will be falling and little Ellie will be stuck inside gazing out through the window.