Sara’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. Her passionate resolve to live is only matched by her incredibly trusting and loving nature. She is the newest member of the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program and this is her incredible story.

On March 18, 2010, a New York City police officer found a young American Pit Bull Terrier mix in the smoldering remains of a home where a fire had just occurred. This poor dog was inflicted with burns across her body and was in need of immediate help.

Sara was brought to North Shore Animal League America and has been in our care for several months. During this time, Sara underwent several surgeries and intricate procedures to address the burns she suffered from the fire. In addition, Sara was treated for pneumonia, which was a natural consequence of smoke inhalation.

Despite all of her challenges, Sara remains a sweet and trusting dog that allows and even welcomes the help from those around her. Her tail is always wagging and her face always finds a comforting place in someone’s gentle hands.

We believe it was Sara’s passionate will to live and her fervent determination that kept her alive. This amazingly loving and loyal dog wants to live – not only for herself – but to please her rescuers as well.

Though Sara is on her way to recovery, she will always have special needs due to the effects of the smoke inhalation. However, as a Sponsor Pet, the Animal League will take care of her and supply her with whatever she needs for the rest of her life.

Your devotion as a Sponsor made this amazing rescue possible. Your generous support cares of Sara and all the sponsor dogs every single day. Thanks to you, Sara has an excellent chance at a happy life. Please help us care for her forever.



March 2010:
Kyle’s foster mother is happy to report that he has been feeling great. He continues to follow her everywhere and shows his love for her by spending a lot of time resting next to her and talking to her with his “meows”. He has also been playing around with some of his favorite toys. There are a few new ones that he loves so much that he won’t let them out of his sight. He even keeps them next to his food dish while he eats! He is very possessive, but in a good way.

April 2010:
We are happy to report that Kyle’s foster mother says he is healthy and well. No new “meows” added to his vocabulary this month but she will let us know when Kyle says something new. He continues talking with her with his “meows” as she gets ready for work or when she is going out. It’s as if he knows she will be gone for a while. He is a very vocal and loving cat. Kyle’s foster mother loves him dearly.

May 2010:
Kyle’s foster mother says he is doing fine. Kyle continues to be the sweet and lovable cat we know him to be. His health has been good and catching up with his great spirit. He currently no longer needs to take his medication. Now he’s able to enjoy his days even more – especially all the cat naps he grabs on his foster mother’s big bed! When he awakes each morning he loves to talk to his foster mother with his loud meows before she leaves for work! While she’s away, our shy boy Kyle doesn’t dare venture out into the hallways along with the other cats in the retirement community he lives in. He waits patiently for her so they can cuddle up once again for bedtime.

June 2010:
Kyle’s foster mother, Yvonne, is happy to report that he doig well. Kyle continues to be the sweet and lovable verbal cat we love. He continues to follow Yvonne everywhere she goes and shows his love for her by spending a lot of time resting next to her and talking to her with his “meows”. He has been playing with some new toys that have quickly become his favorites and that he won’t let out of his sight. He is still very protective of his foster mother and very possessive of his favorite toys.