An Update from Marty’s Foster Mother:

Well he is doing just fine. We are pleased to inform you that there has been a wonderful amount of progress with house breaking the past two months, I am proud of him. Unlike his roommate Rolfie, Marty is enjoying the warm weather and loves being able to have some time outside in the yard to play. He sometimes appears as though he is sun bathing – he will just lay down in the direct sun when there are other parts of the yard completely shaded. Of course he has his large bowl of ice water outside, I do keep an eye on him as I don’t want him to become too hot. On the very hot days I kept him inside all day with the air conditioner on. I think he may have lost his appetite with the warm weather as lately he doesn’t eat his food right away, he’s in good shape though. As far as his circling due to his medical condition he does still walk in a circle and sometimes loses his balance, though never falling. Other than that he is doing well.

Thank you for your support!



7/30/10 – Animal League Photo Shoot – Sponsor Dog Ellie!

We had a photo and video shoot here at the Animal League, and Ellie was one of the shining stars of the shoot. The camera crew made a big fuss over her. Ellie is so sweet. She has been enjoying the summer with some restrictions her adopted mother has imposed; keeping Ellie inside, against her will, to make sure she was kept cool on the hottest summer days. Ellie wasn’t always pleased about this since she loves lounging outside on her doggie bed. Ellie’s mother, Joan, makes a point to take her for short walks and never hesitates to let Ellie lay outside under the shade of a tree when the weather isn’t too hot.

We are happy to report that Ellie is doing well. She still has plenty of energy and gets very excited when she knows she is going out for a walk. The good news is she hasn’t shown any symptoms of the brain tumor in a long time. Ellie’s adopted mother, Joan, tells us she just loves her time out in the yard and every now and then sneaks away for some lounging on her new weather proof dog bed, as long as it’s not too hot. She gets plenty of exercise chasing around the other sibling Mitsy – her best friend –they will play tug of war with some toys! Ellie usually puts up a good fight because she loves her toys and really doesn’t want to share, but then after all is done Ellie will curl up with Mitsy for a nap together.



Photos from Summer 2010 Animal League Photo Shoot – Sponsor Dog Rockstar!

We are happy to report that Rockstar is feeling well! His foster mother has absolutely no problems with him. She says he is a wonderful and affectionate dog and she couldn’t be happier that she is taking care of him and his special needs. Even her grandchildren adore Rockstar. Rockstar has become a fun-loving playmate for them whenever they come to visit. The best part of all is that Grandma is getting a lot more visits from her grandchildren thanks to Rockstar being a member of the family!