August 2010: Jesse has a new home and a new adopted family. She was adopted the beginning of the month and her adopted mother, Phyllis, reports that Jesse is adapting very well. The first thing Phyllis did was take Jesse to her own veterinarian for a full physical exam and blood work. She just wanted to be sure everything was covered. The veterinarian did say she needs to lose some weight for her health and she should have her eye checked by an ophthalmologist. Phyllis is being a doting mother. The house has three stories and lots of rooms for Jesse to explore. She did leave her room for a short time, but didn’t venture too far and didn’t go down the stairs. Jesse is very vocal and really “talks” to Phyllis a lot. We think Jesse is saying, “Thank you, I love it here”.

September 2010: Jesse has fully adapted to her new surroundings and seems very happy in her new home. Her personality has changed dramatically. She is even more vocal, loves to play and gets along well with the other cats in the household as well as visitors. She has a good appetite and it looks like she may have lost a bit of weight, which is a goal. At the suggestion of her veterinarian, Jesse was taken to an ophthalmologist to confirm the graft in her right eye has healed well. The veterinarian was concerned Jesse might have a flare-up of herpes virus from the stress of the move. She was placed on Erythromycin ointment and an oral nutritional supplement and is scheduled for a check up soon.

October 2010: We are happy to report Jesse’s health is great. Her adopted mother, Phyllis took her back to the veterinarian and ophthalmologist to test her tear output. The veterinary technician said she was so sweet. She didn’t even flinch as they poked around her eyes to make sure everything was normal. All tests were passed with flying colors! Jesse is now fully adapted to her new surroundings and is happy with her new family. She adores when visitors come and she can smell them and receive lots more petting and pampering. We are very thankful for Phyllis taking our sweet Jesse home and adding her to her family.

November 2010: Jesse is doing well! Her adopted mother reports, “Jesse is doing beautifully and seems really happy in her new home”. She couldn’t ask for a sweeter, dearer, more cooperative cat. Our dear Jesse has adjusted well to her new environment. We are so very thankful she has a special mother. She will be bringing in Jesse for her regular physical and electrocardiogram. Stay tuned, we will be sure to keep you posted.