September 2010:
We are happy to report that Speckles is doing fine. She remains active and playful. She’s continues to enjoy spending time with her human sibling. She is watching this baby boy grow up into a toddler and she is protecting this child every step of the way. One thing’s for sure, even though Speckles eats all of her own food, she waits patiently for any scraps that might fall off of the baby’s highchair or trickle behind him as he attempts to learn how to walk. Her cough is practically non-existent which is a huge relief to her family.

October 2010:
Speckles has a mild skin infection on her stomach. She started antibiotics which should clear up the problem. Since the last update, she has been having a lot of urinary accidents in the house. It turns out that she has crystals in her urine which are controlled by using a special prescription diet. Since starting the new special prescription diet, the accidents have greatly improved. Overall and thankfully, Speckles is doing much better.

November 2010:
We are happy to report that all is well with Speckles! She loves to take naps any chance she can get. She especially loves to snooze right next to her foster mother where she must feel the most content. Now that the cooler weather is here, Speckles enjoys chasing the leaves and chewing on the broken tree branches that have fallen. Her skin infection on her stomach has subsided thanks to antibiotics and weekly baths and the crystals in her urine are being controlled by a special prescription diet. Since starting the new diet, her accidents have greatly improved. She has not coughed in a long time, but we expect that to change as the weather gets colder.

December 2010:
Speckles recently received a new chew toy and has become obsessed with it, her foster mother reports. Speckles carries the chew toy all over the place. If she happens to put it down for a few seconds, her human toddler brother promptly gives it back to her. So cute! Fortunately (and surprisingly), her foster family hasn’t heard Speckles cough yet this season which is great news. In the coming New Year, it is our hope that you will think about sponsoring an additional pet, increasing your pledge amount or providing the much needed extra gifts, in addition to your pledge amount, that help us do even more for all the dogs ands cats in our care. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you and wish you, your family and of course, your pets, a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!