Dear Friend,

North ShoreAnimal LeagueAmerica regrets to inform you of the passing of our
wide-eyed and lovely tabby cat, Cleo.

Cleo joined the Animal LeagueÊs Sponsor Program as a very young cat suffering
from chronic frontal sinusitis and other ailments. Unfortunately, this permanent
condition made it necessary for her to undergo several surgeries, take regular
medications and caused her daily discomfort.

Yet with all of her challenges and uncomfortable remedies,Cleo remained a sweet
and loving cat and was truly happy. She enjoyed the finer feline things in life like
knocking things off shelves, snoozing in warm places and gazing out of windows.
Smart and independent,Cleo chose her human suitors discriminately.When Cleo
showed you her love, you knew you were special.

Cleo had recently taken ill, and unfortunately, could not recover. She had lost a
lot of weight and her breathing grew increasingly strained. She came to theAnimal
League for a veterinary exam when she had gone into respiratory arrest.

On April 22, 2011, at 7:58 pm, our Cleo was gone.

The Animal League is heartbroken at the loss of our feline friend, and would like
to thank her foster family for taking such incredible care of her all these years. It
was their patience and dedication that gave Cleo the happiest years of her life.
Cleo is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

The Sponsor Team


2011 has proven to be Sara’s year! Her adoption is at the top of the list and thanks to the Animal League’s Sponsor Program for special-needs pets like Sara, she will continue to receive quality medical care for the rest of her life. Sara seems happy in her loving home and she gets along with housemate cats Evie and Crumbs. They share water bowls, toys and alternate the best spots for napping on the couch. She continues to get her eye drop medication and that’s usually followed by one of her favorite treats (Beggin’ Strips or Frosty Paws). Did you know that Sara snores? Her family is getting used to it! Sara has also quickly become the unofficial greeter at the local dog park. She’s the first at the entrance to welcome every single dog.