Once abandoned, now safe.

Alfredo, rescued by North Shore Animal League America from a local kill shelter, is now out of harm’s way. No longer a stray, this beautiful Pekingese and full of life angel will have a home in the Animal League for as long as he needs to.

Upon careful evaluation from the Animal League’s dedicated veterinary staff, it has been determined that Alfredo has a complex, life-long medical condition.

Little Alfredo arrived with an upper respiratory infection. Chronic conditions include luxating patellas (dislocated knees), hip dysplasia, corneal ulcers and most importantly a history of seizures that we do not know the cause of. He is being treated as an epileptic with Phenobarbital medication and his seizures are well controlled. Thankfully, both his luxating patellas and his hip dysplasia do not require surgery at this time. At an estimated 7 years of age upon arrival, orthopedic problems are of concern, and could result in pain or lameness. He will be monitored closely throughout his time in our care.

Because Alfredo’s ailments are extensive and ongoing, most small municipal shelters would not be able to accommodate his needs. His care would be too costly and comprehensive. Instead, it is likely that Alfredo would be put down. The Animal League is dedicated to helping him have the best quality of life possible. Therefore, Alfredo was a natural choice for enrollment in the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program which caters to dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with special needs.

Your support of the Animal League’s Sponsor Program is helping to ensure that Alfredo and many other animals in our care receive the love they need to be as happy and healthy as possible. At the Animal League, they are safe, and loving care is guaranteed. Please help us continue to provide so many animals in need with this unprecedented care.