Update on Toby: Toby gets three meals a day in his feeding chair and has a voracious appetite. Unfortunately, he’s also figured out how to sneak out of the feeding chair when his mother is not looking. Suddenly, she’ll find him in the kitchen instead of in the chair where he’s supposed to be. He also makes her chase him to put him in the chair or to put on his sweater when they’re going out. Toby is no longer the aloof loner he was when he first came to his new home. He expects a lot of petting. He scratches at his mother until she does his bidding. If she doesn’t invite him under the covers at bedtime, he scratches at her blanket until she puts it over him. If he finds a pile of laundry, he’s happy to catch a few winks on top of it.


2 thoughts on “Toby”

  1. Green looks to be Toby’s color. He really is a cutie. Thank you to his family for all the love, patience and care they give this little guy.

  2. As one of his former dog walkers, I am so happy he is adjusting so well to his new home. I love the photos his new Mom has sent. Way to go Toby!

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