Update on Xena: Emotionally, Xena is adjusting well to her new home and her new family. Her adopted mother reports that she’s eating well and loves to take her medicine. Xena also loves to instigate with her playmate, dog Max. Watching them interact with each other is amazing. When her new parent’s son came home from college for the holidays and met Xena for the first time, she didn’t leave his side. She snuggled with him every morning until he went back to school. Her new family found out that she is a pleasure on car rides. Medically, Xena is also doing well. She just had her check-up at the Animal League’s medical center. Her liver levels have improved and there are no signs of urinary infections (which she is prone to). We look forward to Xena having an active, healthy year ahead.


2 Responses to “Xena”

  1. Karen C Says:

    It’s so nice to see how well adjusted she is and how content she looks with Max. I thank Xena’s adopted family for loving her and taking her home.

  2. Alice Schuler Says:

    As one of her former volunteer dog walkers, I couldn’t be happier for her! It looks like the hit the jackpot!

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