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Three’s Company

Carmen, Pablo and Venus!
Carmen, Pablo and Venus!
Venus, Carmen and Pablo are three amazing dogs that have been a part of the Sponsor Program since 2007! And for the past 7 years these dogs have been in such great care receiving quality treatment. Their story was broadcasted nationally; displaying to people who were unaware that backyard breeding operations do not provide proper care and cause harm to animals. Unfortunately Venus, Pablo, and Carmen were victims of backyard breeders, and have all been born without front legs. Though it is heartbreaking to see them with the disadvantage of not having front legs; we know they do not feel uncomfortable since they were born with this condition. We are happy to report all is well for the 3 adorable Chihuahuas.

The 3 Amigos!
The 3 Amigos!

Happiness = Becka

Let me introduce you to a very cute little bundle of joy named Becka. Becka is tiny calico cat that was recently selected to be part of the Sponsor Program. At a first glance you wouldn’t think that she would be categorized as “special needs”, however her tiny stature is caused by a condition known as a liver shunt, which can allow toxins to build up in her body. As you may guess, this is a life-threatening situation. Now 7-month old Becka is only 2.5 pounds; it is still undetermined if she will grow anymore. In order to provide little Becka with the best quality of life, she will forever require a special diet and daily medications. She will be closely monitored by our medical team with check-ups twice a year for continual blood work. Her mom, Liz, is proud and blessed to take care of this tiny and cute cat because she brings her pure happiness. SPONSOR BECKA

Becka ready to play
Becka ready to play

What is Monthly Giving? And how does it work

Are you or a friend not a Sponsor but would like to be? OR, maybe you are considering giving the gift of Sponsorship to a beloved friend? Below are a few Q & A’s about Monthly Giving…

Monthly giving is so vital to the Animal League’s efforts in helping us plan ahead and to do MORE for the animals in our care!

Q: What is Sponsorship?
A: Sponsorship is a donors personal commitment to making monthly donations to critical programs offered by North Shore Animal League America. The Animal League offers 2 life-saving monthly giving programs. Through our Sponsor Program, you can choose to support a special-needs dog Sponsor a Dog or a special-needs cat Sponsor a Cat or to sponsor all the orphaned and newborn puppies and kittens, and their mothers, in our nursery through our H.E.L.P Program.

Q: Why should I Sponsor a special-needs Animal?
A: Many animals that come to the Animal League have conditions and illnesses that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. These special-needs dogs and cats would most likely be euthanized elsewhere, but not at North Shore Animal League America. As a 70 year NO-KILL shelter, we make a commitment to all animals which includes our innocent and deserving Sponsor Program pets. These pets would be forgotten elsewhere; become a part of their lives and let’s support them – we can make a difference together!

Q: How Do I Become an Animal League Sponsor?
A: You can make your monthly pledge to support our special-needs animals in the way that is most convenient to you either by check, monthly bank debit, or credit card. You may set this up over the phone using our toll-free number 1-877-Be-My-Pal, on our website at, or you can email us at

Q. As an Animal League Sponsor, why would I continue to sponsor a pet who has been adopted into a loving home?
A. Some of our precious and deserving special-needs pets are lucky enough to get adopted into their forever home, but they will always require life-long medical care. The Animal League will continue to provide for each of them for the rest of their lives. Although their place of residence has changed, the principles of the program remain the same. Our promise is to continue the funding and we hope you will remain committed to our life-saving program.

Have more questions? Please call our toll-free phone number at 1-877-BE-MY-PAL and speak with a Sponsor Relations Manager or email your questions to and we’ll be happy to respond. Thank you for your continued support!

Alice, Angel and Arial – Watch the story of brave moms

How can you make a difference?!

It’s simple to make a difference, click the image above ^^^ to go to our website and learn more about becoming a new sponsor! Or share the link with a friend, or how about a sponsorship as a gift?! If you are a sponsor, why not add another pet?

Even $5 a month will help our amazing pets who deserve a wonderful life.


O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? What a handsome cat!
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? What a handsome cat!
Meet Romeo. We rescued this sweet, adorable two-year-old domestic short hair cat from a home in upstate New York along with many other felines after their owner could no longer care for them. After being examined here at North Shore Animal League America, our veterinarians determined that Romeo’s recurring ear infections were the result of a cancerous growth, called Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma, inside one of his ears. The good news: The tumor had not spread elsewhere, and we gave Romeo the surgery he needed to completely remove the tumor. Now on the mend, Romeo is expected to make a full recovery with almost no hearing loss. We were so happy when he was adopted and taken him home to live with a wonderful woman who is just thrilled to have Romeo as her companion. Romeo runs around the home and enjoys sitting with his human mother to watch TV.