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Friday, May 14th, 2010

February 2010 Update: We are happy to report that Avida is doing well! Her foster mother told us that she very much enjoyed the holiday season. She likes the cold weather. She takes pleasure in curling up in front of the wood burning fireplace to warm herself. She has begun to show some signs of getting older and has become more tolerant of the other cats in the home. Overall her health is good, but she still relies on her inhalers to keep her breathing comfortable. She is certainly happy to be one of the lucky cats to be in a foster home!

March 2010 Update: Avida’s foster mother reports that she is doing well. She is on a combination of oral and inhaled prescriptions. Her skin coat has improved as well as her energy level. She still fights for the best place by the pillow. Sometimes she tolerates sharing it with her fellow housecats. They are all looking forward to spring and birds in the window! Because of your generosity, we can continue to care for and provide love to our dear Avida.

April 2010 Update: We are happy to report that Avida is doing well. She is still on a combination of oral and inhaled prescriptions. Her foster mother always comments to us that Avida is a very loving cat. She enjoys her life even though she is challenged by her medical condition. Often, she can be found purring and lounging in peace for hours. Thank you for enabling Avida and all of the pets in the Animal League’s Sponsor Program to live the best quality of life possible through your support.



Monday, September 1st, 2008

Avida joined North Shore Animal League America’s

Sponsor Program in August 2008. Avida is a darling Domestic Shorthair cat with a gorgeous tortoiseshell coat. When Avida first came to the Animal League in 2006, she was in the late stages of pregnancy. She delivered seven kittens and shortly thereafter went into respiratory distress. She was placed on oxygen and it was later found that she also had severe feline asthma, a heart murmur, pectus excavatum, dental problems and ringworm.

For her asthma and heart murmur, Avida takes two puffs twice a day from a flovent inhaler and is also on a natural anti-inflammatory once a day. Though she coughs intermittently, she’s doing well on her inhaler and knows how to convey that an asthma attack is coming. In addition, Avida has also had about 75-80% of her teeth extracted.

Avida will need medical care and treatment for the rest of her life which should be long and happy as long as she doesn’t have a life-threatening asthma attack. Avida lives in a caring foster home and is a very loveable cat. None of her illnesses stop her from being a frisky little kitty, and the Animal League is happy to care for all of her needs.