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Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is sad to report that one of our Sponsor Program cats, Buttermilk, passed away on April 15, 2012.

Buttermilk entered the Sponsor Program in 2007, suffering from Atopic Dermatitis caused by severe skin allergies. Luckily, the condition was controllable through daily oral medication, a lifelong treatment protocol.

Buttermilk spent the last five years with a wonderful adoptive family, who also adopted his best friend and littermate, Anisette. The two cats were an inseparable pair that got along beautifully.

This Easter Sunday, Buttermilk began exhibiting unusual behavior, which was of great concern to Tara, his adoptive mother. Typically a very healthy eater with a big appetite, Buttermilk refused his food. In addition, his breathing was slightly labored.
Tara immediately brought him to the Animal League’s Veterinary Center, where tests revealed problems with Buttermilk’s liver values. He was admitted to the hospital and given fluids for dehydration.

Still unable to eat, Buttermilk was put on a feeding tube in the days that followed, and the determined cat seemed to gain strength, putting back a pound of lost weight. As Tara put it, “When we visited he seemed to be back to himself again—bright eyed, curious and cuddly.”

But test results that came back on Thursday, April 12, confirmed the family’s worst fears: the precious cat had cancer. Buttermilk was too weak to endure a biopsy to determine what kind of cancer, but the hope was that he would soon get stronger and be able to undergo treatment. Sadly, he passed away three days later.

Tara asked us to share her thoughts with all of those who have loved and supported her dear cat over the past five years: “I cannot begin to explain how heartbroken I am without him in the house. As a pet owner, you know the day will inevitably come when you see your pet get old and deteriorate. I just never expected it to be this difficult. No matter how young or old a pet is, you really don’t realize just how big a part of your day they are until they are not around.”

The Animal League extends our heartfelt sympathy to Buttermilk’s family. They, along with Anisette, are deeply feeling the loss of their beloved cat. The family asked us to thank all of you for so generously supporting Buttermilk and other pets like him through donations to our Sponsor Program.

The Sponsor Team