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The sweetest thing

There is nothing more adorable than a bond between a child and an animal. Especially when that animal almost didn’t survive. Ranger was born with melanoma on his paw that was discovered after he was adopted. When his dad brought him back to the League for an examination there was question of his survival and lifespan, his dad had the option to find another healthy dog. But it wasn’t until his daughter said “dad, you wouldn’t give up on me if I was sick” and at that moment he knew he had to keep Ranger and support him through his journey to recovery. And sure enough, Ranger came out of his surgeries wonderfully and feeling great. Now, Ranger loves to run and play! He loves to give kisses and receive hugs from his favorite person, his sister! SPONSOR RANGER

Ranger and his best friend
Ranger and his best friend


July 2011 Update:
We are happy to report Ranger is doing well and is living in a very loving home. His new family couldn’t say enough wonderful things about him, “our gentle giant, Ranger, is a perfect fit for our family”. James, his adopted father said, you would never believe he is sick with melanoma. Ranger will need to be monitored closely for the rest of his life. He has an appointment for a chest X-ray in that will be read by his Oncologist. Then he will need to have regular visits every six months. Ranger is a 2-year old Black Labrador Retriever Mutt-i-gree®, very strong, loyal and cares a great deal about his new family. James said Ranger is an incredibly loving dog. His gentle nature and sweet disposition make him very charming. Ranger spends most of his time playing with the family’s young daughter. He takes extra care not to be rough with her when they play. He is also very energetic when at the dog park, but at home he is very calm and quiet.

August 2011 Update:
We are happy to report that Ranger is doing well in his new home. Ranger has become very attached to the young daughter and she is just as much attached to Ranger. They both come running when called for dinner. He sleeps in the daughter’s room and each night they go off to sleep at the same time. The family loves to run and be playful with Ranger each day. They live near an open field where many other families go with their dogs to socialize and play. He is very trustworthy and listens well to all the commands they taught him. He knows never to stray too far and is very good with other dogs and children. They learned that Ranger is terrified of fireworks and wouldn’t join the family barbeque in the yard because of all the noise. His health is good and appetite better. They have mentioned again how happy they are to have been blessed with such a loving wonderful family dog.

September 2011 Update:
Bonnie, Ranger’s adopted mother, reports that Ranger has been very busy. They have been trying to get him outside as much as possible, however, with the heat wave, it has made it difficult during the daytime hours. Ranger is walked very early in the morning and after the sun goes down at night. The family recently dog sat for a friend whose dog happened to be a black labrador – whippet Mutt-i-gree® . They were so happy that the dogs got along well that they decided to make regular “doggie play dates’. Ranger continues to run into his regular dog buddies down at the dog park and he continues to show how social he can be with other dogs as well as humans. Ranger has been eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. He continues to enjoy his daily runs in the field near their home. Ranger’s latest trick is dancing with their young daughter. When she puts on the music, Ranger stands on his hind legs and the two of them dance together. They will be taking Ranger on vacation with them soon.




Ranger is a 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever Mutt-i-gree®. The Animal League rescued Ranger and placed him in the Sponsor Program, where he will be cared for the rest of his life.

Ranger has been diagnosed with melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The Animal League discovered the melanoma on his right, hind toe. Even though the cells were removed from Ranger’s toe, it is very likely that the melanoma will resurface, as it is known to spread rapidly to other parts of the body.

Ranger will need to be monitored closely for the rest of his life. Animal League veterinarians can’t really determine how long Ranger will live, but the cancer will likely shorten his lifespan.

Ranger is an incredibly loving dog. His gentle nature and sweet disposition make him extremely charming. Ranger will be placed in a permanent foster home, where he will be cherished. The Animal League is very happy to be able to care for Ranger for the rest of his life.