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Rex is a great example of strength from within. Rescued at only 7 months old in late 2011 by North Shore Animal League America from Tennessee, Rex is safe and in good hands. No longer a burden to anyone, this gentle, black Mutt-i-gree and full of life angel will have a home in the Animal League for as long as he needs to.

Upon careful evaluation from the Animal League’s veterinary staff, it has been determined that Rex has a life-long medical condition. Most importantly, there is no treatment for this condition.

Sweet Rex arrived with an infection with Canine Distemper Virus (CDV). This virus initially causes gastrointestinal upset (vomiting and diarrhea), respiratory infection and neurological signs (twitching and seizures). Rex has a residual neurologic effect called Myoclonus. Myoclonus is an involuntary twitching of the muscles. This twitching is most pronounced in Rex’s hind legs.

Sadly, he is very weak in the hind end which affects his walking. Rex needs to be carried outside to use the bathroom. His legs need to be monitored so that he doesn’t develop sores. The possibility is present that Rex’s involuntary twitching may lead to seizure activity which may develop at any age.

Exercise is an important part of Rex’s life. In order to strengthen Rex’s muscles, Passive Range of Motion is followed. In these exercises, you move Rex’s legs through their normal range of motion (extending and flexing the joints) to encourage the muscle to build. Rex is allowed to move as he can tolerate. The Animal League fashioned a custom made wheel cart for Rex’s hind legs which he is learning to perfect.

What turns all this sadness around is Rex’s attitude. He is a happy spirit, young and aware, and ready for petting and pleasing. He shows a strong desire to be like any other healthy dog and looks to anyone who will give him a chance to prove it.

Because Rex’s condition requires a commitment to his lifetime care, most small shelters would not be able to accommodate his needs. Instead, it is likely that in a small shelter Rex would be put down. The Animal League is dedicated to helping him have the best quality of life possible. Therefore, Rex was a natural choice for enrollment in the Animal League’s life-saving Sponsor Program. Through a small, but dependable contribution each month, you can support Rex and all the animals in our care.