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Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Victoria enjoying her favorite bean bag chair!


Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

A poem from Victoria’s adopted human brother:


I’m a rescue dog named Vicky.
When I was rescued,
my eyes were sticky like sandpaper.
My fur was knotted and dirty,
but my tail wagged a lot.

I don’t bark much, only when I see
a cat or a squirrel do I “woof.”
Sometimes I am a couch potato,
but I get up when I see my leash.

I slurp up my food in a flash and
I have a friend named Hunter.
I’m happy to be in a home
where I am loved.



Monday, May 10th, 2010

Victoria continues to bring joy to her family! She is always happy and loves everyone. Her adopted mother and Animal League Associate, Lauraine, often wonders who is helping who? Lauraine looks at it as they are helping each other. Victoria is outdoors more now that the weather has become nicer. Even though she is on special food to determine what’s going on with her allergies, she continues to scratch. Her mother gives her soothing baths. Victoria’s family is working on better leash walking – Victoria is still pulling them on her walks around their neighborhood. Even though she is small, her family thinks all that leash pulling might be stressful for her. The veterinarian advised that due to her heart condition she needs to be on a harness. She can’t have any constriction around her neck. Her mother bought a gentle leader and will be starting to train her. Right now, if she spots a squirrel or bird, it is difficult for them to hold her back. We can’t blame her for getting excited—flushing out birds and small animals is part of her spaniel instincts.



Friday, April 23rd, 2010

February 2010 Update: After her last echocardiogram, the veterinarian said Victoria does not have to return for another six months. That’s good news! Her new family is still working on her obedience training. She will “wait” before going out a door, but she barks the entire time. There was a recent snow storm of 18+ inches. We don’t know if Victoria has ever seen snow before. When it was just 2-3 inches, she could walk through well, but when it piled up to over 12 inches, she did her business in a small shoveled patch of the dog run and wanted to come right back inside (and so did her dog friend, Hunter). We can’t say that we blame them at all!

March 2010 Update: We found out something new about Victoria – she is a very good traveler. Her adoptive family has a home in the mountains and both dogs go with them on their family weekends away. The dogs love it there and especially enjoy the animal smells and the fresh air. The family takes long walks with them down the country roads and it’s a lot of fun for all. Victoria, and her friend Hunter, are certainly bonding more. It’s usually Hunter who puts his head on her back when they are resting together on the couch. The Queen, Victoria that is, seems fine with this. She still bosses him around though. When he gets too excited, she barks at him until he stops!

April 2010 Update: We are happy to report that Victoria is doing well. She loves the large, fenced-in backyard in her loving home. She races the other dog in the household, Hunter, to be first out the gate of the dog run into the yard. She follows Hunter during some of his mad dashes when their adopted mother initiates some play. Her family is so pleased to provide a space where both dogs can get some off-leash exercise while exploring and sniffing out where other animals have been. Victoria focuses intently when she hears or sees birds, in particular. Not surprising for a spaniel…


Tuesday, October 6th, 2009


Friday, September 11th, 2009

Posted by Victoria’s new foster mother:


When I first met Victoria in May of this year, her eyes were badly crusted over because of an untreated condition called “dry eye,” she had infected and decaying teeth, a severe case of dermatitis and ear infections.  She also developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for 10 days.  Through all of this, she continued to wag her tail when she saw me coming to visit.

Once her health had improved a bit, I took her home.  I am happy to say that she fit right in with my family and other small dog.  You could tell that she had nursed many, many puppies by her enlarged nipples.  She is now spayed and doesn’t have to worry about taking care of any more puppies.  Now it’s time for us to take care of her and we do it gladly  with much love and attention.  We just hope that her Grade 3 heart murmur and the mitral valve disease allow her to do all that she wants to (that she was never able to before since she came from a puppy mill).  So far she is active and enjoying herself.

Now that she knows what a “walk” is, she gets very excited.  Her “Cavalier” King Charles spaniel instincts are very strong—she’s ready to chase any small creature that moves.  If she hears some birds chirping, she cocks her head to listen and then she must find them.  She also enjoys just relaxing on the couch and cuddling with my son.