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Rhett, In Loving Memory

We sadly report the passing of sweet Sponsor cat, Rhett, who passed away peacefully at a medical center near his home.

Rhett joined the Sponsor Program in 2008. He was a beautiful 8-year-old black cat that, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. With insulin injections and a special diet, we were able to give Rhett the best quality of life possible.

We were so happy when Jahna took him home in May 2010. Although Jahna is heartbroken at her loss, she cherished this very special and loving cat for close to 4 years. And she is so thankful to all of you who sponsored Rhett.

All of us at Animal League America extend our condolences to Jahna and to Rhett’s sponsors, whose generosity enable us to give animals with special needs the lifelong care they need. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do.

Bonnie, In Loving Memory

North Shore Animal League America is saddened to report the passing of one of our Sponsor Program cats, Bonnie. The sweet cat passed away peacefully, surrounded by love, in her foster Mom Pauline’s arms on December 10, 2013. Our Medical Center employee, Pauline, opened her heart and home to beloved Bonnie in November 2012. Bonnie joined our Sponsor Program in 2007 when her owners could no longer care for her. She suffered from seizures that were successfully managed by Phenobarbital, a mild feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or a heart murmur and liver disease. Despite all of these challenging health issues, Bonnie was a gentle, delightful gal who loved life. Although Pauline is heartbroken at her loss, she cherishes the year she had with this very special cat, and is so thankful to all of you who sponsored her. All of us at Animal League America extend our condolences to Pauline and to Bonnie’s sponsors, whose generosity enables us to give animals with special needs the lifelong care they need. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do.



Dear Friend,
North Shore Animal League America is saddened to share the news that Sponsor Cat Applejack passed away due to severe cardiac disease. Although his passing was not unexpected, it is nevertheless a very difficult time for Applejack’s adoptive mother, Fran, and all of us here at Animal League America who loved this very sweet cat.
When we lose one of our beloved Sponsor Pets, it helps to remember that, because of your generous sponsorships, these wonderful animals were able to have the longest, healthiest and happiest lives possible.
When we rescued Applejack in 2003, a veterinary cardiologist determined that the young kitten had a very loud heart murmur and multiple cardiac problems. He was also found to have Pulmonic Stenosis—a narrowing in the vessel that carries blood from the heart to the lungs. In addition, Applejack had a septal defect, which means that the wall between the left and right sides of his heart did not form completely.
Despite his many serious heart conditions, we never gave up on Applejack—and neither did you! He had 10 wonderful years with Fran, who was devoted to the care of this beautiful boy.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of Applejack and our Sponsor Program. As we say good-bye to this sweet cat, we are comforted knowing he had a decade full of love and happiness.
The entire Sponsor Team


Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is sad to share the news
that Chaz, one of our beloved Sponsor Cats, passed away
on February 19, 2013. The brave cat, who had a serious
heart murmur since he was a kitten, had been struggling
with chronic heart failure since the 2012 holiday season.

Chaz left us peacefully, surrounded by the many veterinary
technicians who loved him very much.

Chaz became part of Animal League America’s Sponsor
Program in 2003 as a young kitten, when our medical team
determined that he had a severe heart murmur. Everyone
who cared for Chaz fell for the sweet orange-and-white
domestic short-hair cat, who had the most gorgeous green
eyes and an affectionate nature.

It takes a very special person to take on the responsibility of
caring for an animal with a chronic medical condition, and
we never gave up on finding Chaz his perfect match.

After years of patiently waiting within the walls of our
shelter, Chaz finally found a family to call his own and was
adopted in 2007 into a wonderful home, where he was wellloved
and cherished for his remaining six years. He gave as
much love as he received, rewarding his family with loud,
contented purrs and lots of kisses.

All of us at Animal League America are comforted to know
that Chaz had many happy years, both with us and then
with his loving adoptive family. We are so grateful to them
for giving this treasured cat a beautiful life, and we thank all
of you whose generous monthly donations enabled us to
provide Chaz with the special care that he needed. Rest in
peace, dear friend.

The Entire Sponsor Team


Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is saddened to report that Kyle, one of our beloved Sponsor Program cats, passed away on September 29, 2012.

Kyle arrived at Animal League America in 2004 after being severely mistreated. Tests indicated that he had several medical issues, including a serious upper respiratory infection, a collapsed lung and thickening of the heart muscles. He was extremely frightened.
After providing Kyle with the treatment he needed to stabilize his condition, we entered him into our life-saving Sponsor Program. Through this monthly giving program, dedicated animal lovers like you provide the funds needed to care for pets like Kyle and give them the happy lives they’ve been denied for so long.

And happy Kyle was! He had a loving foster care mother to take care of him and a wonderful home life with her. He was a warm and affectionate pet from the minute we met him, often showing his happiness by loud purrs of sheer joy.

Losing Kyle has been very sad for all of us at Animal League America and we know it is for you, too. We are extremely grateful to all of his loyal supporters for giving him so many wonderful years living an amazing quality of life.

All of us at Animal League America thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support our Sponsor Program. Because of you, Kyle, and animals like him, receive the lifelong medical care that allows them to live out their years in the best health possible with loving families.

Kyle is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

The Entire Sponsor Team

Sir Kobe

Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is sad to announce the loss of one of our treasured sponsor pets, Sir Kobe, who passed away at his foster home on November 4, 2012.

Debbie, Sir Kobe’s foster mom, informed us that Kobe died peacefully in his sleep, and our veterinarians have determined that cardiac disease was the cause of his death. Sir Kobe joined Animal League America’s Sponsor Program in 2002. The playful and mischievous cat suffered from a very serious heart murmur—a condition which, if left untreated, would likely have been fatal within a year.
Sir Kobe was closely monitored at our state-of-the-art Medical Center for all of his 10 years, coming in for check-ups every three months. With tender, loving care by his foster mother, Sir Kobe lived well beyond expectations. The regal cat, who loved to rule his roost of cat siblings, earned his nickname: Sir Kobe.

As with all the animals in our Sponsor Program, and all in our care, it was our unrelenting mission to ensure that Sir Kobe had the best life possible, and we are comforted to know that he lived every day to its fullest. We thank Sir Kobe’s foster mother, and all of you who donate to our Sponsor Program, for enabling this beautiful cat to live a long and happy life.

Sir Kobe is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

The Entire Sponsor Team


Dear Friends,

North Shore Animal League America has some sad news to report: one of our beautiful Sponsor Program cats, Jules, passed away on July 28, 2012.

Jules became part of our Sponsor Program after being abandoned a decade ago. Poor Jules was completely terrified when he first arrived at the safety of Animal League America. Sadly, given his level of anxiety, it was likely the poor cat had been mistreated in the past.

Upon examining Jules, our medical staff determined that he suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection. More worrisome, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur and cardiac arrhythmia, both very dangerous conditions that can prove fatal.

Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsor Program donors, Jules received the treatment he needed to begin his journey of recovery. He was adopted by a wonderful family, whose patience and kindness helped Jules transform from a traumatized cat who resisted any human contact and hid all day long to one who loved nothing more than to be petted and given tons of attention.

While losing a beloved pet is always heartbreaking, we are comforted knowing that, after a very rough start in life, Jules spent many happy years with a family who cared deeply for him.

Jules’ family, and all of us here at Animal League America, want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who continue to support our Sponsor Program. You are the reason that Jules, and animals like him, receive the lifelong medical care they need to live out their years in loving, permanent homes.

The Sponsor Team


Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is sad to report that one of our Sponsor Program cats, Buttermilk, passed away on April 15, 2012.

Buttermilk entered the Sponsor Program in 2007, suffering from Atopic Dermatitis caused by severe skin allergies. Luckily, the condition was controllable through daily oral medication, a lifelong treatment protocol.

Buttermilk spent the last five years with a wonderful adoptive family, who also adopted his best friend and littermate, Anisette. The two cats were an inseparable pair that got along beautifully.

This Easter Sunday, Buttermilk began exhibiting unusual behavior, which was of great concern to Tara, his adoptive mother. Typically a very healthy eater with a big appetite, Buttermilk refused his food. In addition, his breathing was slightly labored.
Tara immediately brought him to the Animal League’s Veterinary Center, where tests revealed problems with Buttermilk’s liver values. He was admitted to the hospital and given fluids for dehydration.

Still unable to eat, Buttermilk was put on a feeding tube in the days that followed, and the determined cat seemed to gain strength, putting back a pound of lost weight. As Tara put it, “When we visited he seemed to be back to himself again—bright eyed, curious and cuddly.”

But test results that came back on Thursday, April 12, confirmed the family’s worst fears: the precious cat had cancer. Buttermilk was too weak to endure a biopsy to determine what kind of cancer, but the hope was that he would soon get stronger and be able to undergo treatment. Sadly, he passed away three days later.

Tara asked us to share her thoughts with all of those who have loved and supported her dear cat over the past five years: “I cannot begin to explain how heartbroken I am without him in the house. As a pet owner, you know the day will inevitably come when you see your pet get old and deteriorate. I just never expected it to be this difficult. No matter how young or old a pet is, you really don’t realize just how big a part of your day they are until they are not around.”

The Animal League extends our heartfelt sympathy to Buttermilk’s family. They, along with Anisette, are deeply feeling the loss of their beloved cat. The family asked us to thank all of you for so generously supporting Buttermilk and other pets like him through donations to our Sponsor Program.

The Sponsor Team


Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America is sad to share the news that one of our Sponsor Program cats, Jesse, passed away on March 17, 2012. This sweet cat joined the program in 2008 suffering from two life-long conditions: a heart murmur/heart disease and hyperthyroidism. She also had a deep corneal scar that blurred her vision.

In February 2012, Jesse was diagnosed with diabetes. After three hospitalizations to regulate her insulin dose, she had appeared to be doing well. But her foster mother reported that on March 16, 2012, Jesse had what appeared to be a mini stroke and was having great difficulty walking.

The veterinarian confirmed that Jesse had, indeed, had a stroke, which she said was unrelated to her diabetes and more likely caused by her heart condition or possibly cancer. Her foster mother made an appointment for Jesse to see a specialist for an abdominal ultrasound, since the veterinarian had found fluid in the cat’s abdomen.

But Jesse took a turn for the worse that evening, becoming extremely weak. The next day, when the veterinarian saw Jesse again, her condition had deteriorated further, and she was suffering from dehydration and a subnormal temperature. The veterinarian told Jesse’s foster mother that the precious cat’s organs were beginning to shut down and that she would not recover.

Through her sadness, Jesse’s foster mother shared this with us: “I try to console myself with the fact that she spent the last years of her life in a loving home, where she was happy and well cared for. I want to thank you for all of your help and patience in answering my questions about Jesse’s care. I could not have asked for a dearer, sweeter and better behaved animal. She was truly a blessing.”

The Animal League shares in the grief of Jesse’s foster mother. We extend our deepest condolences to her foster mother, along with our thanks to all of Jesse’s devoted Sponsors, whose generosity gave this beautiful cat the medical care she needed to live out her last years in comfort and surrounded by love.

Jesse is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

The Sponsor Team


Dear Friend,

North ShoreAnimal LeagueAmerica regrets to inform you of the passing of our
wide-eyed and lovely tabby cat, Cleo.

Cleo joined the Animal LeagueÊs Sponsor Program as a very young cat suffering
from chronic frontal sinusitis and other ailments. Unfortunately, this permanent
condition made it necessary for her to undergo several surgeries, take regular
medications and caused her daily discomfort.

Yet with all of her challenges and uncomfortable remedies,Cleo remained a sweet
and loving cat and was truly happy. She enjoyed the finer feline things in life like
knocking things off shelves, snoozing in warm places and gazing out of windows.
Smart and independent,Cleo chose her human suitors discriminately.When Cleo
showed you her love, you knew you were special.

Cleo had recently taken ill, and unfortunately, could not recover. She had lost a
lot of weight and her breathing grew increasingly strained. She came to theAnimal
League for a veterinary exam when she had gone into respiratory arrest.

On April 22, 2011, at 7:58 pm, our Cleo was gone.

The Animal League is heartbroken at the loss of our feline friend, and would like
to thank her foster family for taking such incredible care of her all these years. It
was their patience and dedication that gave Cleo the happiest years of her life.
Cleo is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

The Sponsor Team