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Sasha – Forever in our hearts

Sponsor dog, Sasha, passed away peacefully on August 26th. We take a look back now, 2 months later, and honor the amazing dog she was. Her dad, Ronald, had her for almost 5 years and even though he mourns the loss of his girl, he reminisces with his wife on the wonderful times they shared together. Sasha earns the label of a strong survivor, she was born without a left kidney and had multiple urinary abnormalities. But because of her determination, she came out of surgery ready to live a joyful life – and she sure did! Ronald would take her on hikes in the mountains and let her run free on acres of beautiful land. We thank our sponsors for helping with providing her the best life possible. She was a fantastic, affectionate dog that we will forever keep in our hearts.

Sasha on the lake
Sasha on the lake
Sasha posing
Sasha posing

We will miss you Sixpence – In loving memory

About a month ago we lost a very sweet Sponsor dog.  He was the oldest dog that has been in the Sponsor Program the longest.  Sixpence passed away peacefully in his home.  His mom, Barbara, was saddened when she found her beloved “6P” at rest.  Even though she mourns the loss of her delicate little buddy, she is so grateful to have had him for fourteen wonderful years.  Here are some beautiful photos that Barbara shared with us.

Sixpence celebrating his bday!
Sixpence celebrating his bday!

Charley, In Loving Memory

We are so saddened to report the passing of Sponsor dog, Charley. This precious dog passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving family. Charley was comfortable and laid to rest without any suffering.

We warmly welcomed one-and-a-half year old Charley into the Sponsor Program in 2005. He suffered from paralysis in his hind legs from a severe spinal cord virus that could have taken his life. With the proper vaccinations and medical treatment, Charley was given the life he deserved. Despite his lack of mobility, Charley would always have his tail wagging and was such a sweetheart. His family and especially his human sister, Christina, would shower him with hugs and kisses. He brought so much happiness to the family that misses him deeply.

Although they are heartbroken at their loss, Charley’s family told us they are very grateful to have had so many memorable years with this special dog. They are so thankful to all of you who sponsored him. For those who sponsored Charley, we will select a new sponsor pet for you to love like your own. Remember, Charley had a wonderful life because of you – thank you.


Ron recently reported that Sasha started to limp and was not using her hind leg too much. With a lot of concern Ron took her to the veterinarian hoping it was not anything serious. Dr. Stone did not think she had a torn ACL or any major injury to her knee, just a strain. Her directions were to keep her quiet for the weekend and they would x-ray if there was no improvement by Monday. When Monday arrived, Sasha was using the leg with a slight limp when she walked, but no limp when she ran or stood. She did not seem to favor the leg much. Therefore, Ron kept her quiet for an additional week to be sure she did not aggravate or increase the injury. She still has a slight limp after running with the other dogs, but it is almost impossible to keep her quiet. She loves to run along the shore; she is


Christina, Charley’s adopted mother, is happy to report that Charley’s acupuncture treatments seem to be helping him; she sees an improvement in his personality. He goes once a week for a half hour treatment, then its home for his physical therapy. Let’s hope all this hard work with Charley will make him pain free and able to move around easier. The veterinarian that is treating him found a sore on the inside of his leg. Christina puts a special salve on his wound daily then he has to wear a cone when she leaves for work so he won’t lick it off. Good news, Charley just turned 7 and Christina threw him a birthday party! Five of his best doggy friends were all present. She had a special doggy cake made for him. Christina said “I love him so much”. With all the time she needs to care for him, we know she loves him very much. Thank you for your support of Charley. Thank you Christina for your love of Charley.



Ron, Sasha’s foster father, says her medical condition has stayed the same. He sent new photos of her and says she seems to have overcome her shyness of the camera. She is a beautiful German shepherd. Her medication hasn’t changed and that’s the good news we want to hear. Next month Sasha is due for her semi-annual summer hair cut. Her hair is so thick that he has her shaved down to her body. He also said right after she is clipped she looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh dog. Ron often worries about her happiness; he feels she gets embarrassed when she leaks and thinks that is why she spends so much time outdoors. Ron can’t let her up on the furniture – unlike the other dogs. She always lies at his feet in the evening when he is working at the computer or watching television. She plays ball with Ron and Jack (another foster dog) every day. And when Ron runs his daily errands, Sasha and Jack join him for the ride in the car.



Dear Friend,

North Shore Animal League America regrets to inform you of the passing of our sweet and spotted canine friend, Lucky.

Lucky joined the Animal League’s Sponsor Program in 2006. He was suffering from urinary tract stones, liver inflammation and lower intestinal issues, which required lifelong care. He was also hearing impaired.

Though Lucky faced many health challenges, he always maintained a pleasant and happy attitude. His tail was always wagging and he never passed up love and affection. His inherently joyful nature made every day a beautiful day.

Only a short time ago, Lucky started developing large stage IV tumors, which required to be surgically removed. He had several surgeries, but had difficulty healing. He spent much of his time in and out of the Animal League’s Medical Center, but treated them more like social visits than doctor appointments, as he had many friends who were always happy to see him. Even in his final days, his tail never stopped happily wagging.

On February 19, 2011, Lucky passed away at home peacefully in his sleep.

The Animal League is forever grateful for Lucky’s family, friends and sponsors. Their love and support gave Lucky a very happy and full life. I know we all agree that having Lucky in our lives was a blessing. And though we will miss him deeply, we feel so very “lucky” to have known him.

The Sponsor Team


Sasha enjoying the snow!

The latest news on Sasha is that there is no change in her medical condition. She hasn’t regressed, but she hasn’t improved either. While her foster father was away for a few days, Sasha, along with her companion dog “Big Red”, were staying at the outdoor kennel that has a heated room for them. They can come and go freely and come in out of the cold, rain or snow as they like. Sasha has a very healthy winter coat and loves the cold weather more than any of the other dogs at the farm. She usually spends several hours out each night in the fenced yard until coaxed with treats to come back into the house. She is very happy being outdoors.