We will miss you Sixpence – In loving memory

About a month ago we lost a very sweet Sponsor dog.  He was the oldest dog that has been in the Sponsor Program the longest.  Sixpence passed away peacefully in his home.  His mom, Barbara, was saddened when she found her beloved “6P” at rest.  Even though she mourns the loss of her delicate little buddy, she is so grateful to have had him for fourteen wonderful years.  Here are some beautiful photos that Barbara shared with us.

Sixpence celebrating his bday!
Sixpence celebrating his bday!

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Rhett, In Loving Memory

We sadly report the passing of sweet Sponsor cat, Rhett, who passed away peacefully at a medical center near his home.

Rhett joined the Sponsor Program in 2008. He was a beautiful 8-year-old black cat that, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. With insulin injections and a special diet, we were able to give Rhett the best quality of life possible.

We were so happy when Jahna took him home in May 2010. Although Jahna is heartbroken at her loss, she cherished this very special and loving cat for close to 4 years. And she is so thankful to all of you who sponsored Rhett.

All of us at Animal League America extend our condolences to Jahna and to Rhett’s sponsors, whose generosity enable us to give animals with special needs the lifelong care they need. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do.

Charley, In Loving Memory

We are so saddened to report the passing of Sponsor dog, Charley. This precious dog passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving family. Charley was comfortable and laid to rest without any suffering.

We warmly welcomed one-and-a-half year old Charley into the Sponsor Program in 2005. He suffered from paralysis in his hind legs from a severe spinal cord virus that could have taken his life. With the proper vaccinations and medical treatment, Charley was given the life he deserved. Despite his lack of mobility, Charley would always have his tail wagging and was such a sweetheart. His family and especially his human sister, Christina, would shower him with hugs and kisses. He brought so much happiness to the family that misses him deeply.

Although they are heartbroken at their loss, Charley’s family told us they are very grateful to have had so many memorable years with this special dog. They are so thankful to all of you who sponsored him. For those who sponsored Charley, we will select a new sponsor pet for you to love like your own. Remember, Charley had a wonderful life because of you – thank you.


O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? What a handsome cat!
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? What a handsome cat!
Meet Romeo. We rescued this sweet, adorable two-year-old domestic short hair cat from a home in upstate New York along with many other felines after their owner could no longer care for them. After being examined here at North Shore Animal League America, our veterinarians determined that Romeo’s recurring ear infections were the result of a cancerous growth, called Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma, inside one of his ears. The good news: The tumor had not spread elsewhere, and we gave Romeo the surgery he needed to completely remove the tumor. Now on the mend, Romeo is expected to make a full recovery with almost no hearing loss. We were so happy when he was adopted and taken him home to live with a wonderful woman who is just thrilled to have Romeo as her companion. Romeo runs around the home and enjoys sitting with his human mother to watch TV.


Coco a.k.a. Chachi

Chachi looking cute and curious!
Chachi looking cute and curious!

Coco, recently renamed Chachi by his adopted family, is an adorable six-month-old terrier mix
Mutt-i-grees®. He was rescued from an overcrowded California municipal shelter in October 2013. Coco would have been euthanized if he wasn’t brought to the safety of our NO-KILL campus. This precious puppy suffers from incontinence and bowel trouble, which a neurologist determined was most likely due to an injury rather than a congenital defect. Because of this bowel trouble, he can’t fully empty his bladder, which would lead to him having occasional small accidents. Coco has to wear diapers, but on the bright side, they don’t seem to bother him at all! Simply by rubbing his stomach, his bowels are able to move. These issues will not prevent Coco from having a full, happy and healthy life, but he will require lifelong care.

We were delighted when Coco was adopted into a family. The most recent update from his human dad is that he is doing great! Coco is fun, inquisitive, mischievous, and happy. He gets along really well with his brother (4 year old dog named Fleetwood) and is a joy to be around. His human parents are super people and have the knack for changing his diaper, which is done a few times a day.

With the help of our generous monthly Sponsors, we welcome Coco with open arms and will continue to provide him with a wonderful life.


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